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Leann Rimes Openly Talks About Growing Up In The Spotlight And More

At a remarkably young age, LeAnn Rimes gained widespread fame for her incredible vocal talent in country and pop music. In fact, she had already begun performing in numerous singing competitions at the age of five. 

Her debut single, “Blue,” catapulted her to fame in the 1990s and instantly made her a household name. Her performances showcasing her powerful voice and musical versatility earned her critical acclaim and numerous awards, including Grammys and ACMs. Beyond music, her forays into acting and television further expanded her influence and recognition. 

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That said, did you know that the legendary singer suffered from stage fright and had to learn to overcome that obstacle? 

Rimes dropped by the Happy Place podcast with Fearne Cotton, where she shared details about her childhood, working through tough experiences from her past, handling stage fright as a famous performer, and other aspects of her life.

The Pressure Of Striving For Perfection

LeAnn Rimes openly shared her life experiences and the challenges she faced in her career with Fearne Cotton. She admitted that constant criticism made her doubt herself. The pressure to not make mistakes created panic. Fortunately, singing brought her peace. Rimes described how stepping up to the microphone made her fear and panic gradually disappear as the moment unfolded.

However, dealing with “the fear of messing something up and not being good enough” made Rimes feel totally drained after a show. 

The “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” singer only began her healing process when she decided to admit herself to rehab. It was there that she learned the method of breathwork, which helped her break down barriers and untangle some of her trauma. It was then that she began finding happiness in simple, everyday things.

Rimes explained that checking into rehab made her feel she was no longer alone in her life, and it was the start of her own wellness. “That was definitely not the end at all, but that was the beginning of it. So, I’m grateful for that time,” Rimes said.

Leann Rimes On Her Great Yet Rough Childhood

Though LeAnn Rimes admitted that she had a great childhood, it was a rough one. Growing up in the public eye and striving to be the good girl who had to please everybody put too much pressure on her. 

Her childhood indeed affected her journey in many ways – like choosing not to have children, afraid that she might pass on the same painful experiences. Still, LeAnn Rimes found her happy-ever-after as she married American actor Eddie Cibrian, with whom she helped raise stepsons Mason and Jake.

While her career has seen its share of controversies and challenges, Rimes’ enduring presence in the entertainment world underscores her lasting impact. Her dedication to her craft and her genuine connection to audiences through heartfelt performances continue to solidify her status as an influential and beloved figure in music and entertainment.

Rimes is set to return to London to celebrate her nearly three-decade career at O2 London on May 8, 2024. We are congratulating LeAnn Rimes in advance on reaching this incredible milestone in her career!


LeAnn Rimes

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