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Here Are Some Facts About LeAnn Rimes, Who Rose To Fame At The Early Age Of 13

With her rich vocals that would remind you of country legend Patsy Cline, LeAnn Rimes’ rise to fame came early.

She actually broke into the genre in 1996 when she was only thirteen. Since then, she has never turned back. LeAnn Rimes songs dominated American and international charts. She has sold more than 37 million records worldwide. Of course, she has won many major industry awards – including ones from the Grammys, Academy of Country Music, Country Music Association, and Billboard Music.

Let’s celebrate LeAnn Rimes‘ illustrious career by getting to know more about her. Here are some facts about Rimes. 

1. She’s a native of Jackson, Mississippi. 

Born Margaret LeAnn Rimes on August 28, 1982, the country singer is the only child of a salesman father and a homemaker mother. At the age of six, Rimes and her family relocated to Garland, Texas – where she was raised.

2. She demonstrated her talent for singing at a young age. 

Rimes was only 18 months old when she began singing. At the age of two, Rimes was already enrolled in vocal and dance training. She won her first talent contest at five and recorded her first independent album at seven.

Rimes got her first break when she performed on Johnnie High’s Country Music Revue, a popular show in Texas that features local artists and national acts. Soon enough, Rimes gained the attention of national talent scouts. 

3. She’s the youngest country artist to win a Grammy. 

In 1997, Rimes made history when she took home Best New Artist and Best Female Country Vocal Performance for her rendition of Bill Mack’s 1958 hit song “Blue.” Rimes was only fourteen years old then.

4. She credited performers of different genres as career influences. 

This includes Reba McEntire, Wynonna Judd, Alanis Morissette, Whitney Houston, and Barbara Streisand. However, Rimes admits that Patsy Cline is notably her biggest influence. The country legend was such a big part of how she created her sound – especially Cline’s “true, honest, emotional connection” that could bring you to places you don’t normally go, Rimes said.

5. She was diagnosed with psoriasis. 

Rimes spent decades concealing red, scaly patches that often covered much of her body. She eventually grew tired of hiding, so she took to social media to share her struggles of getting her psoriasis under control – in time for the 2020 World Psoriasis Day.

The country star revealed that there were times her skin condition looked so horrible that she’d have to wear two pairs of stockings to hide the lesions whenever she performed on stage. There were also times that she’d scratch her skin so hard she was covered in blood. Kids from her school had also called her horrible names like “scaly girl.”

6. She has married twice. 

In 2011, Rimes married actor Eddie Cibrian after falling in love on the set of the 2009 television film Northern Lights. The couple tied the knot in a ceremony with forty of their close friends and family to witness the happy occasion.

The country star was first married to dancer Dean Sheremet in 2002. However, her infamous affair with Cibrian ended their marriage of seven years.

7. She’s embroiled in legal disputes with her father. 

In 2000, Rimes filed a lawsuit against her father, Wilbur Rimes. The country star claimed that her father – along with his business partner, who was Rimes’ former co-manager – improperly took around $7 million of her earnings as well as hid thousands of dollars in cash.

Her father responded by countersuing Rimes, claiming that she was overspending.

8. She’s one of the sexiest women in the world. 

In 2005, men’s lifestyle magazine FHM included Rimes on their annual list of 100 Sexiest Women In The World. Well, that’s no longer a surprise, as Rimes is very serious about keeping her body in great shape. In fact, she works out four days a week, even during tours. The country star revealed that she takes a jump rope with her everywhere she goes and does bodyweight workouts in her dressing room.

9. She’s also an actress. 

In 1997, Rimes made her acting debut in Holiday in Your Heart, which was based on a story Rimes wrote with Tom Carter. The film became the beginning of a three-movie contract offered by ABC to Rimes. 

In 2005, Rimes became the host of the singing competition program Nashville Star, which was broadcasted from Nashville’s BellSouth Acuff Theater. However, a vocal chord illness put Rimes’ hosting duties to a halt.

10. She’s an author, too. 

In addition to Holiday in Your Heart, Rimes has also published three books, including two children’s books. 

Isn’t it fascinating how LeAnn Rimes remained in the spot ever since she shot to fame as a teen?


LeAnn Rimes

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