July 27

Sugarland’s “Something More” Might Change How You See Life

In 2005, Sugarland’s “Something More” was released as the second single off their debut album Twice the Speed of Life. It was then a No. 2 hit on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs charts, making it their second consecutive hit on the said chart.

Written by Sugarland‘s Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles with former member Kristen Hall when they were still a trio, “Something More” is actually the continuation of their earlier hit, “Baby Girl.”

“Baby Girl” tells the tale of a daughter who left home to chase after her dreams. Though she knows it’s a long way from where she is, she is determined to make her dreams come true to make her parents proud. 

And she finally made it in “Something More.” She’s now a little bit older, has her own apartment, and is living a great life. However, she realized, “there’s gotta be something more. Gotta be more than this.” 

She finds herself all burnt out from working hard and already had enough. So she decided that this time, she’s taking chances to find what she’s really looking for.

The song ends with her getting home to her dirty apartment, but she now knows better – the cleaning could wait. Even if Armageddon would be knocking at her door, she’ll surely never answer as she enjoys her red wine.

Indeed, it’s one of Sugarland greatest hits.

“Something More” comes with a music video that is as sappy as the song. Directed by Paul Bloyd, the short clip shows Bush, Nettles, and Hall driving around Cadillac’s dirt road. Sadly, their vehicle broke down. But the trio makes the most of it, and they performed the song around the smoking car until a truck passed by and Nettles hopped into its back.

Nettles then went hitch-hiking along the dirt road – from a motorcycle to a station wagon. All through this, short clips of Nettles on a beach with a beautiful sunset behind are mixed in.

Play the video below to enjoy “Something More” by Sugarland.



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