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Arden Lambert


July 25, 2021


July 25, 2021


July 25, 2021

Thousands of fans were saddened when the hit-making country duo announced the bittersweet news about their ‘There Goes the Neighborhood Tour 2020’ being officially canceled. On the brighter side, it was revealed that brand-new Sugarland songs are in the works – with the duo promising that the wait for its release won’t be long.

So, to make the waiting a little bearable, we’ll walk you through some of Sugarland‘s greatest hits that have ever been released.

1. “Want To”

From: Enjoy the Ride (2006)

Remember when Sugarland was a trio with former member Kristen Hall?

“Want To,” which was released as the first single off their second studio album, was the first single not to feature Hall. It was also Sugarland’s first No. 1 hit on the country chart, holding the position for two weeks.

2. “Stuck Like Glue”

From: The Incredible Machine (2010)

Sugarland showed their magical appeal in “Stuck Like Glue,” where Nettles showcased some reggae beats in the middle, and it felt natural. She said it was part of their goal to widen the audience for country music as they push their limits to bring more people into the genre.  

3. “Baby Girl”

From: Twice the Speed of Life (2004)

“Baby Girl” is Sugarland’s debut song which peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, marking the record for the highest-peaking debut single for a country group since 1991. 

Not only that, but it also spent a total of 46 weeks on the said chart, making another record for being the longest chart run since 1990. 

4. “Stay”

From: Enjoy The Ride (2006)

The heart-breaking ballad of infidelity was the first song solely written by Nettles. “Stay” tells the tale of a woman who has a relationship with a married man – only to realize that he will never choose her over his wife.

5. “Joey”

From: Love On The Inside (2008)

Bush and Nettles wrote “Joey” with Country Music Hall of Famer Bill Anderson. The tear-jerking ballad tells the story of a teenage girl who found herself filled with regrets and a series of “what ifs” after the death of her lover – a teenage boy named Joey – in a car accident.

6. “Something More”

From: Twice the Speed of Life (2004)

Sugarland continued the story of their debut single “Baby Girl” in “Something More.” This time, she’s now a bit older, living in her own apartment – yet she finds herself thinking that “there’s got to be something more than where she is.”

7. “Settlin'”

From: Enjoy The Ride (2006)

The country duo keeps on showing the world that they are masters of upbeat songs. “Settlin'” was indeed enough to boost confidence and inspire any country fan to be in control of life and leave love to chance instead of “settling for just getting by.”

8. “It Happens”

From: Love On The Inside (2008)

When Sugarland wanted to show listeners “what a grand sense of humor the universe has,” they wrote “It Happens” with country music artist Bobby Pinson. The fun song tells the tale of a woman who went through a series of unfortunate events – from going to work late to getting involved with a car accident with her then-lover and his new girlfriend.

9. “Already Gone”

From: Love On The Inside (2008)

Here’s another song Sugarland co-wrote with Pinson. Nettles explained that “Already Gone” is a “story of age, literally and emotionally.” It tells the tale of a woman who left home, fell in love, and said goodbye.

10. “All I Want to Do”

From: Love On The Inside (2008)

Sugarland took this groovy song “All I Want to Do” to No. 1 on the country charts wherein Nettles finds herself convincing her man to turn off the phone, just lay around and enjoy each other rather than accomplishing anything on her to-do list.

11. “Babe”

From: Bigger (2018)

After a five-year hiatus, Sugarland came back with a massive surprise. The country duo teamed up with Taylor Swift, who did not only add background vocals in the song but also co-wrote it with Pat Monahan of the band Train.

12. “Little Miss”

From: The Incredible Machine (2010)

Inspired by the women in his life – his mother, his daughter, and bandmate Nettles – Bush said he co-wrote the song to encourage every struggling young woman out there, handling things by themselves. 

13. “Mother”

From: Bigger (2018)

Released right before Mother’s Day, there’s actually more to Sugarland’s “Mother” than the loving relationship between a mother and her child. 

In addition to honoring the women who raised us, the song is actually also a tribute to America. Nettles revealed that the track is a metaphor for the “Mother of Exiles” and how she’s been the female icon that represents the country.

14. “Tonight”

From: The Incredible Machine (2010)

“Tonight,” which turned out to be a fan favorite in every live performance by the duo, was actually inspired by the emotional longing they’ve heard in the soundtracks of iconic 80’s films such as Pretty in Pink.

15. “Still the Same”

From: Bigger (2017)

While the song sings about still being the same person in a relationship, it also served as a reminder to their fans that nothing has changed despite their long hiatus. 

Here Are Some More Sugarland Songs That Should Be In Your Playlist

Sugarland has constantly been putting out chart-topping singles without fail. Here are some more of our favorites.

  • “Bird in a Cage” 
  • “Everyday America”
  • “Every Girl Like Me” 
  • “Find The Beat Again” 
  • “Down in Mississippi (Up to No Good)”
  • “Gold and Green” 
  • “Incredible Machine” 
  • “Keep You”
  • “Love” 
  • “Just Might (Make Me Believe)”

How about you? What are your favorite Sugarland songs?





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