The empty nest comes quickly, and country singer Garth Brooks knows how that feels. All three of Garth Brooks daughters with first wife, Sandy Mahl, are now in their 20s having a blast in their personal lives and each uniquely contributing to the world.

Their firstborn Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks was born on July 8, 1992, followed by August Anna Brooks on May 3, 1994. Two years after, Allie Colleen Brooks came on July 28. After years of childlessness since their marriage on May 24, 1986, Brooks and Mahl were finally blessed with not just beautiful daughters, but also talented ones. Their marital union, sadly, did not last when they officially divorced in 2001.

Sandy Mahl – Garth Brooks’ First Wife

Brooks and Mahl were both students at Oklahoma State University. They met at the Tumbleweed Dance Hall, where Brooks worked as a bouncer and stage performer. The two became college sweethearts and eventually married in 1986.

After their divorce in 2001, Mahl found success as a businesswoman and was the Vice President & Co-Founder of Wild Heart Ranch in Foyil, Oklahoma.

Prior to the couple’s split, Sandy Mahl’s role in Garth Brooks’ life was more than just a wife and mother to their daughters. She was also a songwriter and an artist. She penned two of Brooks’ songs namely “I’ve Got a Good Thing Going” and “That Summer.”

When Brooks hit it big as a country singer, he would always be on the road and away from his family. Consequently, the couple drifted apart from each other and ended parting ways.

Trisha Yearwood – Brooks’ BestFriend and Wife

Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks first met in 1987 as fellow singers working their way up to stardom. Back then, both were married. Having a lot of things in common, a friendship was kindled between them.

After Brooks and Mahl separated, he took a break from the celebrity life and prioritized his children. Being a man, raising three daughters ages 8,6, and 4 proved to be a challenge to Brooks. His best friend, Trisha Yearwood, stepped in to help, which was a massive relief to Brooks. The two got closer and married in December 2005.

Three Parents to Three Princesses

Before Brooks, Trisha Yearwood has been married twice (Chris Latham and Robert Reynolds). She, however, didn’t have children with her exes. Brooks revealed in an interview with A&E that their initial partnership in raising the girls was “kind of blind leading the blind.” Fortunately, Sandy Mahl pitched in to help. Without any feelings of awkwardness, Brooks, Yearwood, and Mahl worked together as co-parents.

“I’d never wished divorce on anybody, but three children and three parents worked well — especially since the three girls were all tomboys. So they were all at soccer, track, and field, whatever, softball. So never did one of those kids take the field where at least one parent wasn’t in the stands.”

Now Let’s Meet Garth Brooks Daughters!

Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks (27)

Garth Brooks named his firstborn after James Taylor and Minnie Pearl.

Like her parents, Taylor spent her college years at Oklahoma State University, where she took History from 2010 to 2016. And like the majority of eldest children, Taylor prefers privacy over her personal life. She now studies theology at Nashville’s Vanderbilt University.

August Anna Brooks Russell (25)

The second daughter of Garth Brooks and Sandy Mahl, August bore her parents’ first granddaughter, Karalynn, in 2013 and another in 2016 named Gwendolyn. In his interview with Rare Country, it was evident that becoming a granddad thrilled Garth Brooks.

“It always turns out that THAT baby is the glue that holds the whole family together.”

Before motherhood, August also attended her parents’ college alma-mater and worked at a law firm in Owasso, Oklahoma. Learning from her dad’s example, August devoted her time as a full-time mama to her children with the help of her husband, Chance Michael Russel.

Allie Colleen Brooks Roberts (23)

Unlike her two older siblings, Allie chose to attend Belmont University where her stepmom, Trisha Yearwood was schooled.

She and her sweetheart Jonathan Roberts got married on October 6, 2018, at Garth’s estate.

Allie also chose to continue her parents’ musical legacy by becoming a country singer and songwriter. She went on tours with her dad and performed as a back-up singer. On June 10, 2019, Allie released her debut single, Work in Progress.