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Garth Brooks’ Daughters All Turned Up To Be These Gorgeous. Meet Them Here!

Just by looking at Garth Brooks’ daughters and learning about their lives, you’ll see that they’ve grown up to be absolutely gorgeous.

Garth Brooks met and married his first wife, Sandy Mahl, in 1986 before he was even a star. The college sweethearts had three daughters before they divorced in 2000. The “If Tomorrow Never Comes” singer once told People that his daughters were “the greatest joy and the greatest heartache” he’ll ever have. 

Today, Brooks’ daughters Taylor, August, and Allie are all making their mark and spreading joy to others in their own unique ways. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks

According to Rick Mitchell’s Garth Brooks: One of a Kind, Workin’ on a Full House, Garth Brooks and Sandy Mahl had planned to wait a few years before having their first child.

But, while on vacation in Maine, Mahl became pregnant with their eldest. Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks was born at Nashville’s Baptist Hospital on July 8, 1992. She was named after James Taylor, Minnie Pearl, and the state where she was conceived.

When Garth Brooks held Taylor in his arms for the very first time in 1992, he was already among the biggest superstars in the industry. His career could only go way up, but Brooks was ready to slow down. 

“I said, ‘Look, by the time you’re six years old, that’s when school starts, I’ll be done,’ “Brooks recalled to The Tennessean, speaking of his decision to retire. “I missed it by two years.”

Brooks might have never returned to work, thanks to Steve Wynn. He reached out to Brooks about doing a residency in Las Vegas. Although Brooks was very hesitant with Wynn’s offer, he was intrigued when Wynn promised the singer that he would still be able to spend just as much time with his daughters.

Taylor attended college at Oklahoma State University from 2010 to 2016 and studied history. She was recently seen helping out her family during a Habitat for Humanity build. Currently, Taylor is attending seminary school at Nashville’s Vanderbilt University. She is already in her second year of the Master’s program in Theological Studies.

August Anna Brooks

August made Garth Brooks a grandpa when she gave birth to daughter Karalynn with her then-boyfriend Chance Michael Russell in July 2013. The high school sweethearts later married and welcomed their second daughter, Gwendolyn, into the world in December 2016.

“Garth is thrilled [he’s] got a new granddaughter. She’s beautiful, healthy, and wonderful,” Sandy Mahl shared with Radar after Gwendolyn’s arrival.

Allie Colleen Brooks

Allie, Garth Brooks’ youngest daughter, proves that talent runs in the family. She previously sang back-up with her famous father on the road but has since stopped.

“We’re trying to keep it separate,” she explained. “I was super, super lucky to get to do a couple of shows with him, as far as being a part of the Wall of Sound, his harmony group, which was silly. The fact that he thought I could find anything between those three perfect singers was silly. But it was so much fun. It was just a blast to get to do, but it really kind of blurred those lines that we’ve worked so hard to keep where they are.”

She continued, “I love my dad. I love my family more than anything,” she added. “He worked so hard for what he has, and I wanna do the exact same thing.” Brooks’ youngest daughter knew early on that she wanted to be a singer but honored Brooks’ request to get a college degree first. 

“I chose Belmont in eighth grade,” Colleen said of Nashville university. “I knew that was where I wanted to go probably around then. He was like, ‘Okay, well listen. If you’re gonna go to Belmont, you’re gonna go to Belmont. If you’re gonna do it, you’re gonna do it right. You’re gonna go to school, and you’re gonna get that degree,’ and all that stuff. I really think he was just praying that I was going to change my mind, but that didn’t happen.”

Even when it comes to getting tattoos, she has waited until she was eighteen to get her first one, out of respect for Garth Brooks. “I fear my father in a good way,” Allie explained. “I would not do that.” The young singer has fifteen tattoos, with both arms completely covered in ink.

She recently released her own single, “Work in Progress,” which was inspired by her own life.

“I felt like “Work in Progress” was a great thing to come out with for me, because I’m doing this on my own; I’m not doing it with my parents,” she revealed. “As good of mentors as I have, who have been in this industry for a very long time, I’m figuring everything out day by day, and I wanted that to be the very first thing you know about Allie Colleen, is that she is a hard work in progress. She doesn’t have it figured out.”

In 2017, Garth Brooks’ daughter Allie was in for a life-changing night during Brooks show at The Forum in Los Angeles. Allie had joined her father on stage to sing a few songs before Garth Brooks led the audience to sing a “Happy Birthday” for Allie, who turned twenty-one at that time.

When she left the stage, Allie was met with another surprise when her longtime boyfriend, Jonathan Roberts, waited for her on one knee, ready to pop the big question. 

Of course, she was quick to say yes, tearing up as Brooks sang, “She’s Every Woman.” The two got hitched in Nashville a year after.

Garth Brooks Will Always Choose Family Over Fame

Indeed, Garth Brooks did a pretty good job when it comes to raising his daughters Taylor, August, and Allie. The country music superstar even took an early retirement from the music industry at the height of his career in 2001 and started over after his divorce from his first wife. 

Brooks then made his daughters his ultimate priority. “I just said goodbye to music, got divorced, moved back to Oklahoma and left Nashville,” he said.

He lived with his three daughters in a one-bathroom bunkhouse on his ranch. It was then that Brooks realized that he didn’t actually know that much about them. But the dedicated father was ready to dig in and find out everything. Of course, there was nothing that could top the experience; he revealed to People. He would pack school lunches, supervise chores, and became a soccer dad to them who played softball and soccer as well and ran track and field.

Brooks later said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, “I think if everybody was allowed that luxury [of stopping everything to be with family], I think 99 percent of us parents would take it.” Brooks definitely is one of a few stars who would choose family over fame.

Garth Brooks’ daughter Allie even admitted that she and her sisters would not know what it’s like to grow up with celebrity parents because Garth Brooks was so present. “My dad was there every night,” she said, recalling bonding activities with him like building things in the backyard and playing sports.

And when Garth Brooks married fellow country music singer, Trisha Yearwood, in 2005, she became a bonus mom. “They got the right amount of their mom in them, the right amount of me in them, and the right amount of Trisha’s influence as well,” Brooks said about his new wife and his kids.

Trisha Yearwood has definitely developed a special relationship with the three girls that, in fact, they made a vow to Trisha Yearwood. During their father’s wedding, Brooks’ daughters Taylor, August and Allie also donned white dresses and “wed” Trisha Yearwood that day.

“They exchanged rings and said vows to each other, because I told them, ‘If something happens to me, you’ve got to take care of the queen; you’ve got to take care of Miss Yearwood,'” Brooks explained.

The relationship between the whole family is definitely a joy to see.


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