March 13

Chris LeDoux’s “This Cowboy’s Hat” Tells You To Simply Respect Another Man’s Treasures

Released in 1982 as a single for his album I Used to Want to Be a Cowboy, Chris LeDoux’s “This Cowboy’s Hat” tells a touching story, just like most of the best Western songs.

Here’s Why You Should Respect a Cowboy’s Hat

“This Cowboy’s Hat” is written by Jake Brooks and country singer Porter Wagoner, who originally released the song in 1983. It tells the story of a cowboy being bullied by a handful of rough-looking bikers.

The biggest of the bikers asked the cowboy’s friend where he parked his horse, to which he just turned a blind eye to. However, one biker threatened to take his hat – something he just can’t let slide. He put one’s foot down in the most badass cowboy way, allowing the biker to know that he’s playing a dangerous game.

He listed a handful of reasons why such a thing just isn’t a good idea. After all, it’s not just a mere hat on his head, but it’s a legacy – like a badge he has earned. Later in the song, the cowboy explained that the hat was given to him by his father, who died the year before – and that’s enough to make the hat stick one’s neck out.

Well, there’s no one who could sing this song better than Chris LeDoux, who was a real cowboy who competed in the rodeo during his high school years and eventually became a champion bareback rider. Chris LeDoux songs are truly the life of a cowboy.

Anyway, the music video for Chris LeDoux’s “This Cowboy’s Hat” turned out to be the most famous one in his career – garnering more than 6.3 million views. You can enjoy the song by playing the video below.


Chris LeDoux

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