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Ferlin Husky

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Jean Shepard + A Dear John Letter

Breaking Up In The Time Of War With Jean Shepard’s “A Dear John Letter” 

Country singer Jean Shepard sings of a love that has died away with her 1953 hit song “A Dear John Letter.” Here’s the whole story behind it. 

Best Country Gospel Songs

Here Are The Best Country Gospel Songs To Give You A Lift In These Difficult Times

Whether you’re a country fan or not, you’ll be amazed of how these country gospel songs will affect you the moment you listen to it.

“Wings of A Dove:” The Different Versions of Ferlin Husky’s Song

Dolly Parton, George Jones, Connie Smith, and many more covered Ferlin Husky's top-performing country song "Wings of A Dove."

Wings of a Dove + Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton Expressed Faith And Joy In Her Rendition Of “Wings Of A Dove”

In 1971, Dolly Parton recorded "Wings of a Dove," written in 1958 by one of the finest songwriters and music producers, Bob Ferguson.

“Wings of a Dove:” Porter Wagoner’s Rendition

Porter Wagoner decided to record Ferlin Husky's "Wings of a Dove," but he unbelievably put his own spin into it.

George Jones’ Beautiful Cover of “Wings of a Dove”

“Wings of a Dove” is a popular gospel song made famous by Ferlin Husky. Many artists, like George Jones, covered the song.