June 21

“The Worst Country Song Of All Time” Is Full of Sarcastic Fun

Brantley Gilbert, Toby Keith, and Hardy joined forces for “The Worst Country Song of All Time” – a boot-stomping, rowdy new song released on Friday (June 18).

The new single is pretty much interesting as it kicked off with its striking title and went on detailing what many would believe to be the exact opposite of most country cliches. This includes hating on “beer and honky-tonk women” or not being able to bear “fishing.” The humor persisted all the way through, perfected with a sarcastic bridge tailor-made especially just for Toby Keith, who belted out, “I’m too good for Solo cups. Your mama’s homemade fried chicken sucks.”

Written by Brantley Gilbert, Hardy, Hunter Phelps, and Will Weatherly, “The Worst Country Song of All Time” is an anti-country anthem penned for their own amusement and with cancel culture in mind. 

However, when they’ve completed the song, Gilbert wanted to share it with the world. Even so, the song has incredibly combined raucous electric guitars, thumping lyrics that you couldn’t help but sing along, and a theme that will definitely have you smiling until the end.

But what’s even more amazing is that Gilbert revealed that everything naturally happened by accident. He recalled in a press release how Hardy came up with the idea.

“He said, ‘Guys, I know this is crazy, but I had a title I put down in my phone: ‘The Worst Country Song of All Time,”‘ Gilbert explained, to which they all laughed off. However, although they took Hardy’s idea to be a joke, they found themselves throwing out lines they considered to be funny. And on the spot, they all have entirely written the song. 

Gilbert then asked Hardy to sing the brand-new song with him, and they both agreed to cut the song as soon as they “get a wild hair” while listening to the demo version. And indeed, they did just that! To make things even more exciting, they asked Toby Keith for his “final seal of approval” and to join them in. After all, Keith is an artist with so much experience when it comes to country-comedy. He actually has had success with entertaining tracks such as “Red Solo Cup” in the past.

The three artists had earlier been teasing fans with the amusing track. It started with Gilbert making guesses on Tiktok of what could be the “Worst Country Song of All Time.” Hardy then responded that the “honor” should be given to Keith’s “Red Solo Cup” – which has been ranked as the second worst song of the 2010s decade. Even Keith called it “the stupidest song I ever heard in my life.” 

Their conversation made it to Instagram, where Keith replied, “I agree with you about the Red Solo Cup, but ‘Rednecker’ might give it a run for its money.”

“The Worst Country Song of All Time” came after Gilbert’s release of Fire & Brimstone (Deluxe Edition). Moreover, the Georgia native is planning to deliver more brand-new Brantley Gilbert songs as the year rolls. And we’re so excited for it! 


Brantley Gilbert, HARDY, Toby Keith

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