10 Things You May Not Know About Luke Bryan


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April 1, 2021


April 1, 2021


April 1, 2021

Country music star, Luke Bryan, is famous for his upbeat songs and booty-shaking dances. The singer is one of the biggest music icons of modern country music and started his career in 2007 when he released his debut single “All My Friends Say.” It’s not that hard to fall in love with Luke as he knows how to charm his way to the hearts of his fans. He’s soulful, funny, and is not afraid to get real about his personal life. Nevertheless, there are a lot of things that people have missed out about this country crooner. Here are the 10 things you may not know about Luke Bryan.

1. Luke Bryan has five kids

Luke Bryan’s kids grew twice the number overnight because of a tragedy. The country singer lost his two siblings, Chris and Kelly, in the early 2000s. His sister has three children left in the care of her husband, Ben, who also unexpectedly died in 2014. This unfortunate event made their kids orphans. In a heartbeat, Luke and his wife adopted his two nieces Jordan and Kris, and nephew Til, which made all the difference in both families’ lives. The lovely couple never thought twice about the adoption, and now they have teenagers overnight. The trio is in addition to the couple’s biological sons, Thomas Boyer and Tatum Christopher, tallying the Bryan family to five kids.

2. He lives in a Nashville Mansion

With a tremendous amount of success following his music career, it’s no surprise that Luke Bryan’s home is a mansion in the upscale Nashville suburb. He purchased the property early in his career as they lived before in a rural land outside the town. It was the perfect place for a rising country music star. The mansion is a lavish home that’s 6,620-square-foot, which is perfect for Luke’s big family too.

3. Luke and Caroline were meant to be

While in college back in 1998, Luke met his wife Caroline at a bar called Dingus Magee’s. It was like an old-school love story where the guy was a senior while the girl was a freshman. The two dated for a while but got separated when Luke graduated and moved to another town. Fast forward to five and a half years later, the two run into each other and reunite.

Luke Bryan’s wife was perfect for the country music heartthrob as she keeps him grounded. Caroline is also known for her kind heart because she helps her husband on every challenge that comes along the way. Indeed they were fated to be together.

4. He wrote a hit song before becoming an artist

Before becoming one of country music’s most successful artists, Luke was a simple songwriter who wrote some hit songs. In 2006, the hit-maker wrote Billy Currington’s “Good Directions” which took over the charts in that same year. It’s a folksy song about a man meeting a “Hollywood” type of woman. He wanted to get to know her but was shy to do so. She asked for directions, and he just flatly gave them to her. It turns out she met his mother, and she gave the woman the directions back to him. It didn’t mean much to the fans at that time, but he has a pretty impressive talent for being a songwriter. No wonder Luke Bryan’s songs are always at the top of the hit charts.

5. Luke is not the singer’s name

Truth be told, the three-time Entertainment of the Year awardee is not who you think he is. Well, when it comes to his name, that is. The talented country crooner isn’t named Luke on his birth certificate. His real name is Thomas Luther Bryan, and the name “Luke” must have been a shorter version of “Luther.” Another reason may be “Luke” is way cooler than his real name and easier to remember. In case you also don’t know, he was named after his father, Tommy Bryan.

6. He was hit by a car

Fans were shocked and heartbroken to learn that their idol had experienced a car accident in the past. Luke mentioned briefly in a US Weekly interview his misfortune but didn’t detail how it happened or how bad the injuries were. He only said that it happened when he was in second grade. Well, it seems fans don’t have to worry too much about the past as Luke Bryan is doing well on his music now.

7. Luke owns a lot of animals

A true Georgia native, Bryan, and his family build a farm on their property in memory of their late niece, Sadie Brett Boyer. It has been home to many animals such as pigs, horses, llamas, chickens, donkeys, and some kangaroos. According to reports, the family even owns an exotic red stag which is only native in Europe and Asia. Unfortunately, some passersby shot it last winter. Caroline updates everyone on her Instagram account where she shows off the farm animals to their followers’ delight.

8. Luke and Caroline are pranksters

The couple loves pulling pranks on each other and occasionally on other people too. They have posted some of their funny antics on their social media pages, which earns various reactions. Some prank wars involve Luke and Caroline scaring each other, making their victim jump, run or ruin whatever shirt they have on with spilled drinks. They even pranked at public places sometimes where Caroline deployed a fake fart smell at a restaurant. Meanwhile, they made Luke’s mom think they’re being pursued by a crazy fan because of her son. Looking at their videos, it’s evident that they’re both having fun.

9. His fan club has an interesting name

“The Nut House” is the name of the charming artist’s fun club. Many might not know, but Luke grew up on a peanut farm as his father was a peanut farmer. It’s an unconventional farm as the common ones are those that produce livestock or crops. Luke combined his unique upbringing with his music, churning out farm-related lyrics such as in “Huntin’, Fishin’, and Lovin’ Every Day,” “Rain Is A Good Thing,” “We Rode In Trucks,” and more.

10. He’s quite a Michael Jackson fan

He may be one of the biggest country music stars of all time, but Luke Bryan still appreciates other music genres. Luke reveals in a US Weekly interview that Michael Jackson’s Thriller was the first album he purchased. It’s obvious how the country singer admires Michael Jackson as the “King of Pop.”

The things that you may not know about Luke Bryan are essential to have a better perspective on the country music heartthrob. Take all of these new trivia to heart and support the fun and down-to-earth singer all the way.


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