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10 Best Luke Bryan Songs

Luke Bryan entered the country scene with his first single called “All My Friends Say” in 2007. More than a decade later, this Georgia native bagged over 22 No.1 country hits. 

Let’s look back at all the crowd-pleasers under this singer’s belt. Here are the top 10 Luke Bryan’s songs:

1) Crash My Party

Throwback to 2013 when Luke Bryan‘s “Crash My Party” became a top-selling LP of all genres within that year. The song goes on about how the singer reached out to his ex who broke up with him for no particular reason. It continues to sing about making him cancel front row seats for a concert and other plans he had for himself. 

The song premiered at the 2013 ACM Awards and it peaked at No.1. Soon after, it was country music’s 4th biggest musical hit of the year.

2) Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day

As a Southern boy anthem, the song brings the listeners into the life that Bryan grew up with. Lots of his avid supporters can relate to “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day” and that’s why it’s one of his hits. 

He wrote the song along with the Peach Pickers. In 2016, it landed on the No.1 spot on the Billboard Country Airplay charts. It was the singer’s 14th No.1.

3) Knockin’ Boots

Luke Bryan is back on the top 10 of Billboard’s Country Airplay in 2019 with his song “Knockin’ Boots.” It’s his 28th top ten country hit and reports say the song made him the 15th artist to finally have that much total. 

The song caught the airwaves in late March and fans were quick to support it, especially during the release of the video by late June. 

4) Play It Again

If you’re a fan of this song, there’s a big chance that you’ve found the song that makes you excited the moment you hear its first note. “Play It Again” sings about a girl who lights up every time her favorite song comes on the radio. 

It was released in 2014 which was the fourth single from the singer’s Crash My Party album. Just like that, he got his 8th No.1 county hit.

5) Drink a Beer

While the singer didn’t pen this emotional song, its lyrics might seem to mirror Bryan’s experiences. He lost his brother and sister at a very young age. Meanwhile, the song narrates the grief that comes after receiving the news about losing a loved one. 

It was released in 2013 was the fourth single from the Crash My Party Album. Needless to point out, he bagged another No.1 hit for the seventh time.

6) I Don’t Want This Night to End

Bryan wrote “I Don’t Want This Night to End” along with Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson, and Ben Hayslip. It tells a story about a boy meeting a girl. This is your usual meet-cute but it’s no surprise why it landed on No.1 on the County Airplay and Hot Country Songs charts. 

The song has that catchy chorus which fans can’t stop singing along. With that, along with other reasons, it became the singer’s third No.1 song which was released in 2011. 

7) Most People Are Good

“Most People Are Good” is one of Bryan’s most notable songs of his entire career. It encapsulates a universal and important message of inclusion that resonated with the listeners. 

The song first caught people’s attention in 2018 and it belonged to the singer’s What Makes You Country Album.

8) Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset

“Sunrise Sunburn Sunset” is a feel-good country song that sings about the beauty of summer love. It came out in 2018 and fans were blushing on the music video. It features a couple and their slow-burning attraction as they enjoy the sunrise while getting sunburnt until the sunset.

9) What Makes You Country

Talk about a song that advocates about having no fuzz on the defining factors of being country and you got this one. “What Makes You Country” was released in October 2018 which was the title track from his 2017 album bearing the same name. 

It landed at No.2 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. The singer wrote this song with Ashley Gorley and Dallas Davidson. It speaks about the importance of celebrating people’s unique lives rather than being boxed at defining what makes one country.

10) That’s My Kind of Night

That’s My Kind of Night received mixed reviews from fans and critics. It features country clichés such as beers and jacked-up trucks. However, people noted that the best thing about this song is Bryan’s vocals along with some nice production touch. 

However, the critics rate it. What’s important is that the song helped the singer be the first male country music artist to top two prestigious charts at once, Billboard’s Hot Country Songs and Top Country Albums.

As of writing, the singer is onto another project that fans will surely love. His dedication to his craft resonates through his music. A decade after his debut single release, there’s no wonder why thousands of his fans flock to streaming sites to listen to Luke Bryan songs for free.

Did your favorite Luke Bryan’s songs make our cut? Which one do you think still has that resounding country cool? Tell us more in the comment section.


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