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Luke Bryan, a true Success Story from tragedy to making Music History


Luke Bryans opens up about the struggles that artists usually have experienced once or twice in their lifetime. In his case, he said in his interview back in 2013 with Amy Robach’s show 20/20’s

Luke Bryan
Screen grab from Abc News

“I’ve had panic attacks, you know, before big moments,”

We all know that as a musician every moment is big and should not be taken for granted. This might be the case for Bryan’s occasional panic attacks but there is something more to that. He also opened up about the tragedies that he had experience early in his life.


The Struggles of a Young Luke Bryan

Even as a boy, he was sickly according to her mother. As he grew up, he dreamed of becoming a country musician that is why he decided to move to Nashville. But even before he makes his first step in achieving his big dreams, he was already hindered by the death of his older brother, Chris, due to unexpected car crash.


This forced him to go back to his hometown and work in their farm. But his parents knew that he is meant for more so his father did what we expect our fathers to do, make us chase our dreams and that is what Luke Bryan did.

Another Tragedy Hits the Singer

After releasing his first hit song “All my Friends Say”, her older basically acted like a proud stage mom organizing a performance for Luke at the Grand Ole Opry, where country legends have been performing since the beginning.


This is a huge milestone for Luke and his sister managed to organize 129 people (more like 129 neighbors from their hometown)  for the said event. After a few days of his performance, his sister died with unknown causes. This would certainly break anyone’s heart knowing that the only siblings you have are now gone.


Life Goes On

One can say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and Bryan sure knows how to bounce back. Using his tragedies as an inspiration, he made sure that his artistry will be noticed in the country music scene. He is now one of the biggest contemporary country musicians out there.


In fact, Luke Bryan has made chart history in America by becoming the first artist to hit the top of the Billboard Country Airplay countdown with six songs from one album. Now that is how you regain your confidence and hopefully, this would make Luke more at ease and make those panic attacks that of the past.

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