September 15

Clay Walker’s “Loving You Then:” A Romantic Ballad That Should Be In Your Playlist

There’s a new romantic ballad in town, and it’s none other than Clay Walker’s “Loving You Then” – which official music video premiered on YouTube last Thursday, September 9, 2021.

Clay Walker co-wrote the song with Ben Stennis, Jaron Boyer, and Brad Rempel, which is actually a pledge of loving someone. It’s a man’s promise to his woman that he’ll stay right by her side until “there ain’t no trucks left in this town” or “all these bars run outta beer.”

The song is a part of Walker’s latest album, Texas To Tennessee, which was released in July 2021 as his first album for the independent record label Show Dog Nashville. Walker noted that the album is a special one for him, as he attempts to bring his classic-tinted country sound up-to-date for the new era. It features ten new songs, which he each co-wrote – including the one he earlier released in 2020, “Need a Bar Sometimes.”

While Walker didn’t miss the opportunity to weave in some elements of the latest country sound into his brand-new songs, these tracks were apparently still driven by his iconic country sound and vocals that are smooth as butter – which made him such a fixture in this genre.

Walker noted that he likes to keep his country sound that has been dominant during the ’90s until the 2000s. After all, it’s in his voice, and it’s who he is; it will always be part of him.

Without a doubt, Walker made a name for himself. Clay Walker songs such as “Live Until I Die,” “If I Can Make a Living,” and “What’s It To You” have endured the test of time. Today, his timeless voice continues to propel.

Go ahead and tune in below to listen to “Loving You Then” by Clay Walker.


Clay Walker

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