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Here Are Clay Walker Songs That Made Him One Of The Most Popular Country Acts

When Clay Walker songs reached No. 1 upon their release in 1993, the East Texas native immediately established himself as a commercial success – and what’s even more impressive is that he was able to continue that feat over the years.

Born and raised on a farm in Beaumont, Texas, Walker showed his interest in music at an early age. He then started joining talent contests as a singer after graduating high school. Eventually, he started playing at clubs around Beaumont until he landed a steady job as a performer at a bar called the Neon Armadillo.

This helped Walker secure a contract with Giant Records, release multiple platinum albums, and chart more than thirty singles. With that in mind, let’s check out some of Clay Walker‘s greatest hits.

1. “What’s It to You”

From: Clay Walker (1993)

Released as Walker’s debut single, “What’s It to You,” went straight atop the country charts both in the United States and Canada – helping Walker achieve fame and recognition. The song is about a man’s confession of love to a woman. He does it by telling her what love means to him.

2. “Live Until I Die”

From: Clay Walker (1993)

Walker followed up his debut single with another No. 1 hit, “Live Until I Die,” – which finds the country crooner singing about how he does not want to be bothered about the future and how he wants to live one day at a time.

3. “Dreaming with My Eyes Open”

From: Clay Walker (1993)

Walker revealed that he almost did not record this song, luckily his producer talked him into it, and the upbeat ballad did not only land at the top of the country charts but also became one of the most played songs that year.

4. “If I Could Make a Living”

From: If I Could Make a Living (1994)

Have you ever thought how rich you could have been if only you could make a living out of loving your partner? Well, this is what this song is all about. “If I Could Make a Living” was written by Alan Jackson, who decided not to record the song, thinking it would never be a hit. Walker took it and brought it to No. 1.

5. “She’s Always Right”

From: Live, Laugh, Love (1999)

Walker revealed that he fell in love with the song the first time he listened to it. “I love it when men are able to let their women be in control because, to me, that’s a sign of strength,” he said about the song.

6. “Ordinary People”

From: Greatest Hits (1998)

Released as the first single from Walker’s Greatest Hits compilation album, the song sings about how “ordinary people have extraordinary love” – with the narrator comparing regular people to famous ones.

7. “She Won’t Be Lonely Long”

From: She Won’t Be Lonely Long (2009)

This upbeat ballad definitely resonates with both women and men. It sings about a woman trying to look pretty and goes to a party after her lover left her. And the man in the song finds himself fascinated by the way she’s “looking to start a fire” that he vows she won’t be lonely for long.

8. “Once in a Lifetime Love”

From: Live, Laugh, Love (2000)

Though this is Walker’s lowest charting single, it is one of his favorite songs wherein he said he had given his best vocal performance. It’s about a man asking his woman if their love is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. At the same time, he reflects what could have happened if they never had a chance at it.

9. “The Chain of Love”

From: Live, Laugh, Love (2000)

Peaking at No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, the song focused on a series of characters who were able to create a “chain of love” among them by helping each other in some way.

10. “Only on Days That End in ‘Y'”

From: Hypnotize the Moon (1996)

The song finds Walker telling his love that he only misses her on days ending “Y” as well as when he’s awake, he’s sleeping, whenever he’s alone, or with someone else. He’s basically missing her every minute of the day.

11. “Fall”

From: Fall (2007)

“Fall” was released by pop singer Kimberley Locke to the adult contemporary radio while Walker released his version to country radio – and they did it within weeks apart. Both versions made it to the charts, with Walker’s peaking at No. 4 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

12. “I Can’t Sleep”

From: A Few Questions (2004)

Walker took us back to a more serious tone with this heartbreak anthem about a husband who couldn’t sleep after his wife left him.

13. “Say No More”

From: Say No More (2001)

Unlike most of his hits, “Say No More” is different melodically. Walker noted that “it’s one of those songs that makes you keep listening because the chord changes are very different.”

14. “One, Two, I Love You”

From: Rumor Has It (1997)

This is a sweet sentiment of a boy who’s been in love with a girl since they were in kindergarten together. With its catchy melody and cute rhymes, it’s a song that’s hard to miss.

15. “Watch This”

From: Rumor Has It (1997)

The love song finds Walker encouraging the woman he loves to trust him and fall in love with him.

Some More Clay Walker Songs That Continue To Propel His Long Standing Career

Check out more hits from Clay Walker’s music catalog below, to further enjoy his iconic country sound.

  • “This Woman and This Man”
  • “Rumor Has It”
  • “Who Needs You Baby”
  • “Hypnotize the Moon”
  • “Then What?”
  • “You’re Beginning to Get to Me”
  • “A Few Questions”
  • “Where Do I Fit in the Picture”
  • “Live, Laugh, Love”
  • “My Heart Will Never Know”

How about you, which among these Clay Walker songs is your favorite? 


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