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What Would Clay Walker Do If He Could Make A Living?

If there is a song rated as the 374th best country single of the 1990s, it is Clay Walker’s “If I Could Make a Living”. This song is either absurdly tacky or uncontrollably vulgar, whatever you may say. However, there is no refuting that Walker vends the best of it with appeal and passion.

What Would Clay Walker Do If He Could Make A Living? 1

Earlier Dissatisfaction

In one interview, Walker shared how he was mildly displeased with the single. He did not pick the musical group or anything for “If I Could Make a Living”. Not that there is anything erroneous with doing songs with modern tunes, but Walker finds himself more mature when he gets with his music. He feels more traditional when he follows what he loves. In addition, he admits that the older he gets, the more he loves the fiddle and steel sound. Cutting everything short, he loves that pure country sound. He also added that whenever he sings the song in concerts, he always comforts himself that it is enough even though it is a short song.

The song is a lively one. But, the character is somehow pleading. He says that, if he could make a money out of loving his partner, he would “be a millionaire in a week or two” and never have to leave her behind.

Song Data

Alan Jackson, Keith Stegall and Roger Murrah penned “If I Could Make a Living”. It was released in September 1994 as the first single and title track from his album of the same name. It was Clay Walker‘s fifth chart entry. With all luck, it also became his fourth top one hit on the Billboard Country charts in November 1994. The success of this song did not just end in the United States. It also reached the twenty-first spot on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 charts and on the Canadian RPM Country charts.

Walker really did make a living selling this song.


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Clay Walker, If I Could Make a Living

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