August 30

Clay Walker’s “She Won’t Be Lonely Long” Is A Song We’re All Familiar With

Released in 2009 as the first single and title track from his ninth studio album of the same name, Clay Walker’s “She Won’t Be Lonely Long” turned out to be his most successful charting single after nearly a decade. 

The moderate up-tempo ballad was written by Phil O’Donnell, Galen Griffin, and Doug Johnson. It tells the tale of a man fascinated by a woman who got all dolled up after her lover broke up with her. But she won’t be lonely for long, as the man in the song intends to stay by her side. He noted that if only he had a woman like that, he’d hold her tight and hold her close. 

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Indeed, it’s a story we’re all familiar with, resonating to both men and women. As a result, it peaked at No. 4 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

Clay Walker even revealed that he was attracted to the song the first time he heard it – in fact, its infectious melody made him feel like dancing. After all, he’s “a believer in songs people can dance to” as they never fail to become a hit.

The country star further described “She Won’t Be Lonely Long” as a rare gem with its melody and lyric having the same strength. “Usually, one is going to outweigh the other, but in this case, it’s hard to tell what I like more, the melody or the lyric,” he said.

True enough, the heartwarming ballad reflects the earlier Clay Walker songs and the work he has done to become the artist he wants to be. 

It is accompanied by a music video where the singer can be seen walking at the beach as he sings the song. Other clips also show Walker filming his wife, Jessica, using a camcorder with several horses as the backdrop. The short clip was filmed at Walker’s ranch in Tennessee.

Make sure to listen to “She Won’t Be Lonely Long” by Clay Walker by playing the video below.


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