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Tim McGraw Calls Midland to Record ‘Redneck Girl’ as a Bonus Track to his Postponed Album

The ’80s have been known as one of country music’s greatest periods. With the signature beat, the rodeo-themed rhythm, Country music back then defined itself which even today, still impresses old and new fans alike.

One of the prominent tracks during those times is the Bellamy Brothers’ ‘Redneck Girl.’ But let’s not get all fixed-up with the original version. Let’s have another spin in our own time, shall we?

A New Form of Delivery

If you haven’t heard the news yet, Tim McGraw will be at it with the Midland trio as they cover ‘Redneck Girl’ for their collaboration project. For their rendition, however, the way they mixed things up is nothing unusual. Nonetheless, their delivery and presentation are what really kicks the boot.

By adding a modern feel to a renowned ‘80s country classic through rough guitar patches with drops of psychedelic guitar, their voices synchronously echo respect to the original version. Despite the audio changes, McGraw and Midland subliminally retain the song’s original meaning; to look for the lost redneck girl who has calloused hands but with a tender heart.

Doubly Inspired

For Tim McGraw, there is more to it than just appreciating the OG classic. Apparently, he also plays the song for his wife Faith Hill. As we see in some cameos, McGraw nods to Hill as he mentions her hometown, Mississippi, which is also the setting of ‘Redneck Girl’. Full disclaimer though, his wife came from Boulder, Colo to avoid misconceptions.

For Midland, they felt honored when McGraw invited them to sing with him, and the thought that ‘Redneck Girl’ is one of their inspirations when they formed their band. They were also blown away by the fact they get to play it with their idol.

“Redneck Girl”

Originally, “Redneck Girl” was written by David Bellamy of the Bellamy Brothers in 1982. It was also the lead single of their album ‘Strong Weakness.’ “Redneck Girl” was able to snag the #1 spot in Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart and was the band’s sixth-chart topper.

Midland and McGraw typically grew up hearing the song. McGraw shared that he was greatly in love with the single during his teenage years and would later sing it in clubs as he aspired to become an artist.

McGraw and Midland’s version is set to become the opening act of his 2020 “Here on Earth Tour” which was postponed due to the rise of COVID-19.


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