October 26

Rest Easy Now, Jerry Jeff Walker a.k.a “Mr. Bojangles”

A legend and a trailblazer, Jerry Jeff Walker, dies at the age of 78.  Walker never had a top 40 song under his belt, yet his widely known compositions have been the standard for years in the outlaw country movement.

“Mr. Bojangles”

Mr. Bojangles” was one of the many Jerry Jeff Walker songs that were made known to many through the years. He first recorded the song for the Atco label in 1968. The song’s greatest commercial success was reached with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in 1971 as it reached the top 10 of the pop charts. Several other artists went on to cover the single. Among them are Nina Simone, Niel Diamond, and Boby Dylan.

As an artist, Jerry Jeff Walker never had a song that topped and even reached the top 40 charts. However, during the ’70s heydays, and together with his Lost Gonzo Band, Walker made a number of definitive Texas outlaw recordings. This includes “Up against the Wall, Redneck Mother.” The boozing brawling anthem was written by Ray Wylie Hubbard and was included in Walker’s 1973 album “Viva Terlingua.”

“One of the Great Lone Star Bad Asses”

Several country stars, movie and TV personalities, and even ex-Us President Bill Clinton artists expressed their grief and admirations through their socials in the passing of “One of the Great Lone Star Bad Asses,” Jerry Jeff Walker.

Jason Isbell reminisced the time he and his wife were backing Todd Snider when Walker hopped into the stage to perform his signature song “Mr. Bojungles.” He automatically removed his shoes and danced right into the beat of the song. Today, Isbell dreams of becoming an old man that dances like John Prine and Jerry Jeff Walker.

Lauren Jenkins thanked Walker for the timeless hits he has produced over time and was thankful for the opportunity to meet one of the best humans on the planet.

Musician Kathy Valentine expressed her heartfelt condolences to the Walker family and added how Jerry Jeff Walker’s songs have impacted her life since the day he heard them.

Ex-US president Bill Clinton twitted the unforgettable moment that he had at the Armadillo Hall in Austin in 1972 and the performance that Walker did for his 1992 campaign held the night before the election day. He added that Walker’s music will live on, even soon after he has passed.

Jerry Jeff Walker came to know that he had throat cancer in 2017. It was also said to be the main causes of his death. Though he might have passed away, his legend and music will leave on. Jerry Jeff Walker will never be forgotten.


Jerry Jeff Walker

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