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Here Are Some Facts About Chris Young, Whose Journey Starts From Being Nashville Star Champion 

After he was crowned the winner of the reality singing competition Nashville Star in 2006, Chris Young quickly earned widespread country music fame – especially with the release of his breakout single in 2009. He went on his successful career with a steady stream of hits that consistently showcase his gorgeous baritone with a powerful, gritty twang.

Now, a decade and a half in the business, how well do you know Chris Young? Well, don’t fret as we’ve prepared some exciting facts for you! Keep on scrolling below.

1. He’s a native of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 

Born Christopher Alan Young on June 12, 1985, the singer grew up just 30 minutes outside Nashville. His grandfather was a performer on the country music radio and television show Louisiana Hayride – which helped launch the careers of various artists – and has strongly influenced him. This increased his interest in music from an early age.

2. He was a musical theater star. 

His stage career started when he was six as one of the townspeople in Jack and the Beanstalk. Since then, he has scored different lead roles in musicals. In addition to performing in theater productions, he also sang in the high school choir and performed in different local clubs.

3. He wanted to be a lawyer or an astronaut as a child. 

We may have never heard of Chris Young songs had he pursued his first dream to become a lawyer. But the singer revealed he also wanted to be an astronaut when he was much younger. But his love for music has always been bigger. 

4. He had a near-death experience. 

In 2013, Young suddenly fell ill from a tiny cut on his leg that somehow got infected. He was already starting to feel ill – however, he had to perform later that day. So, he hopped on his plane to fulfill his duties. Unfortunately, he went through septic shock mid-flight, which sent him into the ICU.

5. He’s a big fan of the football team Texas Longhorns. 

While he was born and raised in Tennessee, Young revealed that he’s been rooting for Texas Longhorns – despite getting in trouble all the time over this. He added that he was never a fan of the Tennessee Vols. Well, Young clarified that he has nothing against the team, it’s just that his “cousins were just over the top about them all the time growing up.”

6. His dog is a social media star. 

Young’s dog, Porter, is not only a big part of his life, but the German Shepard has been capturing an ever-growing number of fans’ hearts and is now a canine celebrity with nearly 80,000 followers on Instagram. Porter was a Christmas gift to Young by his sister, Dorothy. He got his name from Dolly Parton’s longtime duet partner, Porter Wagoner.

Well, Chris Young is definitely quite an interesting man. After all, he went from being a Nashville Star champ to a real Nashville star quite fast.


Chris Young

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