January 12

Uncover The Deep Meaning Behind Jelly Roll’s Hit “Son of a Sinner”

For many of us, music has been a source of comfort for many years. It’s also a blessing when excellent musicians like Jelly Roll create songs like “Son of a Sinner” for listeners to cherish. But did you know it was the American rapper’s first single to be released in the country music format?

Aside from that, the song was able to enter the charts, landing at various positions for different music charts in numerous nations, making it one of Jelly Roll’s greatest hits. “Son of a Sinner” spent more than 20 weeks on the Hot Rock & Alternative Songs list in the United States. It also debuted on the Country Airplay list before being released to country radio stations.

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But have you ever wondered what the song’s genuine meaning is? If you did, we have the answer for you.

Meaning Behind the Song

The song is about a traveling musician who battles with perceiving what is “good and wrong,” a dilemma” all of us have experienced. Jelly Roll admitted to Billboard that he was high when recording the voice track.

In the song, Jelly Roll muses on his edgy lifestyle as the “long-haired son of a sinner” during the country-rock-leaning single, describing his emotional battle as he wrestles with God’s judgment, battling the impulse to smoke, drink, and pop pills. That’s why so many people can relate to the song, as we are all sinners fighting our own battles every day.

That’s why, if you’re a sinner who wants to reflect on yourself, then the Jelly Roll song “Son of a Sinner” is a song you should listen to. You can listen to it below.


Jelly Roll

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