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August 29, 2020


August 29, 2020


August 29, 2020

Prepare to hear something so beautiful in Rachel Wammack’s ‘What He Does.’ Be sure to also have your partner around because this song is all about them. It speaks of their efforts, the unending support and inspiration they give you, and that unconditional love that they unselfishly let flow in your relationship.

What better way to express your appreciation to your partner than to write a song like Rachel Wammack? So buckle up as Wammack’s single drives us down her personal memory lane about her family life and her marriage with husband Noah Purcell.

A Man Like No Other

The song starts with Rachel Wammack’s description of other guys who did nothing but act apathetic, hurt her feelings, and pick a fight. Her despair in the verse also gets complemented by the melodramatic piano until we get into the chorus where the flow of her story gets a twist. Wammack started singing about her husband. She thanked Purcell’s unwavering support and for honestly making her feel appreciated.

Love as the Foundation of All Thriving Relationships

Rachel Wammack explained in her interview that she wrote the song for her man as he had always been there to lift her up. She explained that Noah was able to make her hard days easier, her life better, and have always showered her with love.

Although ‘What He Does’ was primarily written for Purcell, Wammack said that the song is also for those couples who may be having a hard time in their relationship. She wants to ease their burdens by reminding them that in every scenario, love can always be the perfect answer.

“What He Does”

‘What He Does’ is a single written just after Wammack’s other single ‘Quick, Fast, In A Hurry’ which got released a few weeks ago in collaboration with Rascal Flatts. She co-wrote the song with Jimmy Robbins and Eric Arjes. She said that the song was only brought to life because of their contribution to the single.

If you have a partner, do not forget to show your appreciation towards them even in simple ways, and if you’re single, try picking up lessons from the song so you’d know what exactly to do when your time comes. Always show love as it is the basic foundation of all successful relationships out there.


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