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Meet Carrie Underwood’s Husband, Mike Fisher

Although Carrie Underwood’s husband might not be a country superstar like her, he is still a superstar in his own right. Mike Fisher is a well-known athlete in the NHL or National Hockey League. He has earned plenty of respect in the hockey world after playing professionally for two decades and splitting his time between two amazing teams. 

Let’s learn more about the NHL hunk that captured Carrie Underwood‘s heart, shall we?

Mike Fisher and His NHL Superstardom

Mike Fisher was born on June 4, 1980, in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. After being drafted in the NHL Entry Draft’s second round in 1998, he played for the Ottawa Senators from 1998 to 2011.  

Mike spent the majority of his career with the Senators. He did eventually get traded to the Nashville Predators. It turns out the general manager of the Ottawa Senators made the deal so that Mike could be closer to his wife. 

What’s His Networth and What’s He Doing Now?

Mike retired from the NHL in 2018 and currently has an estimated net worth of about $30 million. These days, the former NHL superstar focuses on his clothing line called Catchin’ Deer. 

What are His Hobbies? 

Besides being a doting father, Carrie Underwood’s husband has several hobbies that take up some of his time. One of them is hunting, which many would assume caused issues with his wife because Underwood is an animal lover and a vegan. However, the two seem to have compromised, agreeing only to use the meat that Mike brings home from his hunting trips. 

In addition to hunting, Mike is also a car enthusiast and has an extensive collection of cars. While it would take a while to list down all the ones he has, the most notable car in his collection is a $130,000 Porsche 911.  

How Many Children Do Mike and Carrie Have? 

Mike and Carrie have two children, and both are boys. They welcomed their first son in 2015, naming him Isaiah. By 2019, the couple’s second son arrived, and they named him Jacob. 

From Meeting Backstage to Marriage

The funny thing about the start of Mike and Carrie’s romance is that it almost didn’t happen. While performing in Ottawa in 2008, Carrie’s bassist arranged for her and Mike to meet during a backstage meet and greet. Carrie almost refused the meeting, but as fate would have it, she didn’t, and it led to her finding the love of her life. 

The two clicked, and their chemistry got them through a long-distance relationship. The couple eventually got engaged in 2009 and married about a year later, in 2010. 

It’s no surprise that many consider Carrie Underwood’s husband, Mike Fisher, a rare find. He isn’t only a hot hunk of an athlete but also a loving husband to Carrie and a caring father to their children. 


Carrie Underwood, Mike Fisher

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