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Conway Twitty’s Grandson Shares how Reba McEntire Helped Their Family

Conway Twitty and Reba McEntire shared a long history of working with each other. In fact, Conway was the one who helped Reba established her career as a country artist. This was shared by the country singer when Conway’s grandson posted a sweet story from back then.

Reba has always been a generous artist and she helps the people who need her help. This story only shows how generosity is contagious and we should show it more often.

conway twitty, reba
via Twitty Lynn’s Facebook page

Conway Twitty’s Grandson Shares a Post

On his Facebook post, Tre Twitty shares a story of how Reba helped them back when Conway Twitty collapsed on his bus in Branson, Missouri. The family did not know what to do because they had to rush in the country legend to the nearest hospital. Tre’s father contacted Reba for help and the singer immediately offered her plane to the family.

The post said:

“I’ve been waiting for 26 years to meet this wonderful lady and to tell her thank you. I’m publicly telling this story because she is far too classy and modest to ever mention it. On June 4th 1993 my grandfather Conway Twitty collapsed on his bus in Branson, Missouri. He had to be rushed to the hospital in Springfield, Missouri. My father, Michael, got a hold of Reba McEntire in the middle of the night and told her the situation.”


conway twitty, reba mcentire
via Pinterest

The day after the incident, the country legend sadly passed away. When Tre’s father asked how much they owe Reba for the plane ride, the singer responded saying:

“Your daddy took me on tour and gave me $5,000 a night when I wasn’t worth $500, you don’t owe me anything. I loved him.”

Country music is all about family and both Reba and Conway showed their love and respect with each other with their gestures. Later on, these country artists were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame back in 1999 for Conway and 2011 for Reba.

Listen to one of Conway’s songs here:


conway twitty, Reba McEntire, Tre Twitty

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