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Here Are 15 Chris Young Songs That Will Send Chills To Your Spine

Blast up some Chris Young songs, and you’ll quickly understand why this deep-voiced singer has become one of the hottest names in Nashville right now.

Young first made a name for himself in Music City back in 2006 after competing and taking home the grand prize in the television show Nashville Star. This ultimately became the launching pad for his career. Since then, Young has earned widespread country music fame and scored a remarkable string of hits in a row, headlined his own tours, and became a Grand Ole Opry member.

Today, Young continues his successful career with a constant stream of hits that unfailingly exhibit his low, classic country voice. With that in mind, let’s take a look at Chris Young‘s best singles so far.

1. Gettin’ You Home (The Black Dress Song)

From: The Man I Want to Be (2009)

Not only did this song become the first of Young’s five consecutive No. 1 hits on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, but it also helped him earn a Grammy Award for Best Male Country Vocal Performance nomination. “Gettin’ You Home” showcased Young’s signature deep growl and established a series of many more sexy, romantic singles to follow.

2. The Man I Want to Be

From: The Man I Want to Be (2009)

The moment Young heard “The Man I Want to Be,” he knew that he had to record it, and he wanted to do it immediately before anyone else snatched it. The tender ballad finds Young singing about wanting to be a better person and a better man for the love of his life – something we can all relate to.

3. Tomorrow

From: Neon (2011)

Young was fresh from his string of consecutive No. 1 hits when he released his third studio album, with “Tomorrow” being the first single of it. The song about a man struggling to end a terrible relationship then turned out to be another No. 1 hit for Young.

4. Voices

From: The Man I Want to Be (2009)

Young originally released “Voices” in 2008 as the first single of The Man I Want To Be. Though it gave the country singer his first Top 40 hit, it only peaked at No. 37. Two years later, Young re-released the song, which is about a man hearing voices in his head, speaking words of wisdom from important people in his life: his parents and grandparents. It went on becoming his third No. 1 hit.

5. Drowning

From: Famous Friends (2019)

This heartbreaking track struck a chord with listeners all over who have lost a loved one. Young co-wrote “Drowning” as a tribute to one of his friends who died in a car accident.

6. You

From: Neon (2011)

Far from his heartbreak songs, “You” is a bouncy country track jampacked with guitar and fiddle instrumentation as Young sings about love gone right – something he’s never felt before. He co-wrote the song with popular Nashville songwriter Luke Laird.

7. Lonely Eyes

From: A.M. (2013)

The country star started a new era in 2013 with his fourth studio album, as he tried to move forward to a more modern sound but made sure he stayed with his country roots. “Lonely Eyes” is the third single off that album, a romantic, flirty ballad about a man spotting a gorgeous girl from across the bar.

8. I’m Comin’ Over

From: I’m Comin’ Over (2015)

After three years of not having any No. 1 hits, things changed when he released “I’m Comin’ Over,” the lead single to his fifth studio album of the same name. This song tells the story of two old lovers unable to move on from each other.

9. Think of You (featuring Cassadee Pope)

From: I’m Comin’ Over (2015)

Young joined forces with pop-punk singer-songwriter Cassadee Pope for the bittersweet country-pop song that delved into the reminiscence of a recent breakup. The song earned a Best Country Duo/Group Performance nomination during the 59th Annual Grammy Awards.

10. Sober Saturday Night (featuring Vince Gill)

From: I’m Comin’ Over (2015)

The country singer made his way back to the country heartbreak songs with one of his musical heroes, Vince Gill. The song is a vocal showcase of two talented artists singing about a man feeling miserable on a Saturday night after getting his heart broken.

11. Losing Sleep

From: Losing Sleep (2017)

This is perhaps Young’s most pop-infused single to date, but his country voice and impressive range continued to get through as he sang about a passionate night with a special someone.

12. Famous Friends (featuring Kane Brown)

From: Famous Friends (2021)

Kane Brown joins Young to pay tribute to their loyal friends in their hometowns. The two country stars based the lyrics on the personal relationships they have in their communities.

13. Goodbye

From: A.M. (2013)

It’s amazing how Young pushes himself as far as he’s ever gone for this heart wrenching ballad about a man who is about to get dumped.

14. Drinkin’ Me Lonely

From: Chris Young (2006)

Released as Young’s debut single, “Drinkin’ Me Lonely” tells the story of a man drinking alcohol at a bar to cope with the heartache of losing the woman he loves. The song showcased Young’s full potential of becoming a country star.

15. Hangin’ On

From: Losing Sleep (2017)

The song finds Young singing about falling hard and fast for a girl in a bar that he’s hanging onto every moment he spends with her.

Other Chris Young Songs That Will Absolutely Get You Hooked

We definitely can’t get enough of Chris Young’s singles; after all, he has one of the finest voices in country music. Check out some more of his hits below.

  • Aw Naw
  • Who I Am with You
  • Raised on Country
  • I Can Take It from There
  • Neon
  • At the End of a Bar (with Mitchell Tenpenny)
  • Voices
  • You’re Gonna Love Me
  • Underdogs
  • Town Ain’t Big Enough

So, what are you waiting for? Play some Chris Young songs on repeat to enjoy one of the hottest voices in country music today.


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