September 6

Grand Ole Opry Invitation Leaves Chris Young Speechless

Chris Young was definitely not expecting a surprise—especially one that involved an invitation to the Grand Ole Opry. On August 29, Chris Young shared a big, and memorable night with his fans as he closed the Opry performance that Tuesday night.

At the same time, Young was also rejoicing the success of his most recent number 1 hit song, Sober Saturday Night, along with his first platinum album, Neon from 2011. As he sang a couple of his songs, Gettin You Home, which is his first chart-topping single, followed by Lonely Eyes and I’m Comin’ Over. Just as he was wrapping up the last song he performed, Vince Gill suddenly joined Young on stage.

First, Gill presented Chris Young’s gold and platinum certified records. Young actually performed alongside Vince Gill for Sober Saturday Night. Before delivering the big news, Gill shifted the topic a bit and it left his fellow country artist and the audience puzzled. Vince began, “Here’s my only bone of contention I have with you…I loved playing on [Sober Saturday Night] and it was fun singing and all that stuff… [but] I never got paid for that session. He joked, “I’m still five years away from Social Security.”

Then, without warning, Gill dropped the big news, “I’ll tell you what—I’ll make you a deal. I’ll forgive the session fees if you’ll be the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry.”

Shocked and at a loss for words, Chris Young couldn’t help but give Vince Gill a big hug. Of course, he accepted the once-in-a-lifetime honor. Aside from the big news, Gill, who became a Grand Ole Opry member in 1991, also imparted some words of advice for their newest member. “As a friend and as someone who has been out here for 30 years, you will not believe the friendships and relationships and the heart that you will gain being out here for the rest of your life. It’s going to really be powerful, so congratulations.” Gill adds further, “I encourage you to come here, often. When your career is on fire like it is, the Opry could use you. It’s important that you come and support this.”

Vince Gill had been such an influential artist for Chris Young ever since he was a kid. And so, he couldn’t fight the tears that streamed down his face as he accepted the huge offer, I don’t cry at anything. You got me really good. I love you guys. I love everybody here. I love this place.”


Chris Young, Grand Ole Opry, Vince Gill

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