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December 17, 2020


December 17, 2020


December 17, 2020

For all country music fans, you probably might have crossed paths with the rising song from Chris Lanes. “Big, Big Plans” topped the Billboard Country Airplay chart and the Mediabase charts this week. This gave Lane his third number 1 single, following his 2019 “I Don’t Know About You” and the 2016 “Fix.”

“Big, Big Plans” did not just give Lane his third top-charting song. This also marked his first number 1 single as a songwriter. Lane co-wrote the song with songwriters Jacob Durrett and Earnest Keith Smith.

More than Just Being On Top

Chris Lane‘s “Big Big Plans” was more than just racking up top charting positions. On father’s day, Lane had other Big Plans in store for Lauren Bushnell, the season 20 winner of The Bachelor and now Chris Lane’s fiancé. He proposed to her after getting approval from her dad.

Country music lovers and fans have listed “Big, Big Plans” as one of the most personal songs that Lane has ever written in his career. Well, this might be the last one, too. Lane described her soon to be wife in detail and their story in perfection.

What’s in the “Big, Big Plan”

Captured in the song’s heart-melting music video, Lane made sure that the song was ready for this special day starting with cute daily videos of the couple as Lane sang the verse. With a garden scene, Lane revealed his “Big, Big Plans” to some friends and family as they all celebrate the special event for the couple.

For Lane, hearing fans incorporating his song into their lives and singing along is the greatest reward he could ask for as an artist. It has taken a full cycle for Chris’ top hit, from his proposal to seeing videos of others using the same soundtrack and posting their videos on social media, and now, officially a number one song. He couldn’t be more excited!

Despite tough times, love does always conquer everything. This year, we also had surprising news from country stars about their romantic lives like the engagement of Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, and who could forget Miranda Lambert’s announcement of her secret marriage to Brendan McLoughin?

For Chris Lane, we will be watching for the next love song that he will be releasing. He’s one of those artists who arguably writes the best love songs.


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