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From Being Ben Higgins’ Fiancé to Chris Lane’s Wife: Here’s The Tea About Lauren Bushnell

Chris Lane’s wife, Lauren Bushnell, first became a television personality when she joined ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ in 2016. She won the competition and ultimately became the fiancé of Ben Higgins. 

When she got married to Chris in 2019, the singer/songwriter’s fans were shocked about their whirlwind romance. If you’re curious about who’s the bachelorette who captured the heart of the platinum-selling artist, read on to catch up on everything juicy about her.

Lauren is born into a tight-knit family

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Lauren Bushnell was born on February 2, 1990. This 31-year old TV personality grew up with one sister, Mollie, and two brothers, Brett and Bryant.

Their parents have been together for more than 30 years, which helps us understand why Lauren was hopeful in finding love even in the most unconventional ways.

When it comes to her relationship with her siblings, she’s the closest with her sister. Their three-year age gap explains why they talk like they’re best friends, as fans noted.

Lauren was a flight attendant

Before bringing home the coveted bachelor in the reality TV show, she and her sister was working at Alaska Airlines. 

Lauren was a fan of uploading Instagram photos with the hashtag #FALife, highlighting her adventures as a flight stewardess. 

However, the career woman chose to give up her wings once the filming of ‘The Bachelor’ commenced. It was the time when strangers would come up to her at work because they knew her from the show.

Her new-found fame made serving people up in the air more difficult. In one of her interviews with Jimmy Kimmel, she explained that she always knew that she wasn’t going to be working as an FA forever anyway. 

Ultimately, she used this opportunity to pursue her other interest, which is related to lifestyle and fashion blogging.

Lauren pursued blogging

In 2016, she launched her website called “Sparkle in Her Eye.” It’s a chic travel and style blog that features anything from beauty to general life concerns. Her passion project did well, but she didn’t continue it in the following years.

During this time, she and her fiancé from ‘The Bachelor,’ Ben, split. When they called it off, she moved back to LA and made the most out of reconnecting to her SoCal roots. Numerous modeling opportunities also came her way due to her exposure to the show.

Lauren still sees a few co-bachelor alums

Her break up with her fiancé didn’t stop her from seeing her favorite Bachelor alumni like Amanda Stanton. They were big on social media about boasting their friendship.

Some fans noted that Lauren was truly deserving of her win in the TV show. Twitter fans rave on her friendship with many of the alums and how it proves her genuine character throughout her search for love on television. 

On another note…

Lauren met her future husband before her first engagement

Chris and Lauren met in 2015. They were with their respective friends and weren’t close back then. Three years passed, Lauren has been engaged and called it off, and they met again. This time, they took things into their own hands and started dating in late 2019.

Lauren got married to a country bachelor in 2019

While the couple had only been together for only five months, they made headlines when they decided to move in together that soon. They got engaged on June 16, 2019, and got married four months later.

Their guest list was graced by four of her fellow alums, Jennifer Saviano, Amanda Stanton, and twins Haley and Emily Ferguson.

Lauren is having a baby in 2021

The Bachelor winner and the country crooner announced on Instagram that they’re pregnant. In the post, she featured the latest ultrasound of her belly. Her caption reads ‘Holding your dad’s hand, watching you dance around in my belly.”

So what’s the tea? Lauren Bushnell proves she’s not scared to jump headfirst when love presents itself. Now she’s settled with her own bachelor and continues to intrigue outsiders about her life as an expectant wife and as Christ Lane’s wife.

Listen and fall deeper in love by listening to her husband’s song for her, Chris Lane’s “Big Big Plans (2019):”


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