October 25

Donna Fargo’s Apologetic Song “Shame On Me”

Donna Fargo was one of the few female breakout country artists of the ‘70s. She rose to fame with her hits “The Happiest Girl in the Whole USA,” “Funny Face,” “Somebody Special,” and “Shame On Me.”

Donna was able to get to the level of fame among female country artists such as Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette, and Loretta Lynn. The singer owes part of her success to her songwriting skills. Most of the music that she performed was written by her, including this one.

About Donna Fargo’s “Shame On Me”

The song is about Donna Fargo’s character feeling ashamed because of her affair. The song details all of her feelings towards the man that she is supposed to be loyal to. This is a refreshing take on country songs about affairs since there is an apologetic vibe to it. She knows that she made a huge mistake so she tries her best to explain herself and justify her actions.

shame on you, donna fargo

The song also downplays the relationship between the woman and the third party involved. There is usually no love between these two since this type of relationship is usually shallow and temporary.

Lyrics Breakdown

I’ll admit I shouldn’t have given in to love’s wild temptations
For someone I cared nothing for; I was blind and I hurt you

Sometimes, it really helps to admit that you made a mistake. This will open us to a change that we need so that we will not commit the same mistake in the future. This Donna Fargo song is a good reminder that we all commit mistakes and we are capable of seeing our own flaws. Some people are having a hard time admitting that they are not perfect. They think that the people around them are the ones who are always at fault that is why there are conflicts everywhere.

We have to remember that we humans are flawed and we commit mistakes from time to time. The great thing about it is that we also learn from it and we become a better person after.

Listen to Donna Fargo’s song here:


Donna Fargo

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