April 22

Rory Feek And Daughter Indy Share A Sweet Drive-Along Duet 

Joey Feek, the other half of country and gospel duo Joey + Rory, gave her bravest fight against terminal cervical cancer. She was first diagnosed in May 2014, just months after she gave birth to her daughter Indy (short for Indiana), and continued to fight it. She hung on to live for the big milestones, just like for their daughter’s second birthday and for the small moments with her family. Two years later, she came to bid her final farewell. She was ready to stop fighting and go home. 

She was 40, and Indy was just two years old at the time. 

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And ever since then, Rory Feek stepped up to fill in the shoes of Joey for Indy. He raised her with love and made sure that Joey’s legacy remained alive in her. And the biggest thing that really connected them as father and daughter (and how Rory keeps Indy connected with her mom) was music. It became a daily part of their lives, strumming guitars and singing. 

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When Indy turned four, she did something that definitely melted Rory’s heart. Indy was in the car with her big sister, Heidi (Rory’s daughter from a previous relationship), and they were playing a CD with some of Joey’s songs on it. At one point, Indy started to lovingly duet her mom, and Heidi captured the moment in a video. 

But it wasn’t just Joey that Indy sings along to. In a video shared by Rory, Indy was seen singing along with her dad to the tune of Gary Burr’s Salvation. It was definitely a very beautiful and sweet father-daughter moment. You can watch the duet below.


Rory Feek

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