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Jennie Angel Covers Luke Comb’s Song “Beer Never Broke My Heart”


Who is Jennie Angel?

Jennie Angel was born in Georgia, raised in New York and studied at Dallas. She was highly influenced to love Country and Christian music by her parents. At an early age, she was already exposed to performing in front of a large audience. Thus, she started performing in local gigs and coffee houses. Now, she is at it again performing all-time favorite country songs while she also composed songs.

Jennie Angel, Beer Never Broke My Heart
Via Jennie Angel’s Official Facebook Page

Months ago, Angel was invited to perform in April’s Angry Orchard. The April’s Angry Orchard is located at Walden, New York. Angel performed Country hit songs and was loved by the listeners.

She has uploaded different song covers on her YouTube account. One of her covers that have been featured is the song “Beer Never Broke My Heart.”

About the Song

Long-neck ice-cold beer never broke my heart
Like diamond rings and football teams have torn this boy apart
Like a neon dream, it just dawned on me, that bars and this guitar
And long-neck ice-cold beer never broke my heart

Beer Never Broke My Heart” is a song written and popularized by Luke Combs. Luke’s version was released on May 2019 from his album, The Prequel. The song talks about the narrator’s story about how he handles depression. He sings about everything that happens in his life and has found solutions on every disappointment he has faced. His solution was to drink beer. For him, beer will never break his heart.

Jennie Angel, Beer Never Broke My Heart
Via dribble.com

The words mentioned above shows the precious thing he has in life is a long neck ice-cold beer. Honestly, this scenario also applies to us. Sometimes, we encounter some sort of difficulties or failures and we think that the only solution we have is to drink beer. As you know that drinking beer is fun when we are with friends. Friends are one of the best people we can share our stories with including the happiest or saddest moments happens in our life.

Watch Jennie Angel’s Cover Below:

Watching her music video inspires us that we do not have to be in a nice or famous place to record songs because what matters is talent. Though Jenni Angel was not in a famous place to record the song, she did an incredible performance. One of the comments asked her about writing songs because he really loves listening to her. Jennie replied and said that she has made her first single entitled “Move On.” We look forward to her single and so should you. Her YouTube account has gained 23 subscribers but we know that she will continue to do well. Feel free to visit her social media accounts like her YouTube and Facebook account and support her.

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