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November 18, 2019


November 18, 2019


November 18, 2019

Yola’s “Walk Through Fire” is one of the signature songs from the singer, and this time, she performed it in Austin, Texas. She is accompanied by another country singer and they jammed in his van. The YouTube video was a series by Anthony.

Yola Sings “Walk Through Fire” in a Van

Since they were singing “Walk Through Fire” in a confined space, their performance felt authentic and real. There was no backup vocals or auto-tune, just them and their amazing talent. Yola, yet again, delivered an amazing performance of the song as she sang it with so much emotion. The song is part of her debut album which is also called Walk Through Fire.

yola, walk through fire
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In the album, the singer took country music to another level with her refreshing take on her love, life, and experiences as a poor person. It is evident with what the critics are saying that Yola will be the next big thing in country music. The album contains other great songs like “Ride Out in the Country,” “Faraway Look,” “Shady Grove,” and “Deep Blue Dream,” so be sure to check her out.

Lyrics Breakdown

Sitting alone in my bedroom
Thinking about the trip to come
My bags are packed and I’m ready
I think I’m gonna make a run, oh Lord
Oh Lord, I’m gonna make a run
The red hot coals are calling
And I know it’s the only way
There ain’t no use in prolonging
The fact that I just can’t stay
I know that I cannot stay

The song was based on the bad experience of the singer. It was reflected in the song as you can hear the pain in the lyrics and the anguish that was meant to be there. Yola made sure to paint the imagery of what it feels like to move away from something that has the potential to hurt you. This was such an excellent song from the country singer’s debut album.

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