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Waylon Jennings Shows Off Amazing Guitar Skills at The Johnny Cash Show


Waylon Jennings is a true guitarist legend. In his guesting on the infamous Johnny Cash show back in 1970, he proved that his guitar skills are unparalleled.  With their performance, these two country outlaws showed that country music is electrifying.

Even until this day, their collaboration on Cash’s show is loved and being watched by new fans. Let us take a look back at this iconic performance and see why these two are considered country legends in our world.

waylon jennings, guitar
via Screengrab from YouTube

Waylon Jennings Rocks the House

Do you remember the Johnny Cash Show that aired at ABC? Yes, Johnny Cash used to have a music variety show where he gets to perform with the musicians of his time. His show produced 58 episodes in the span of 2 years. Well, of course, in one of the episodes, Cash invited the amazing Waylon Jennings.

The two performed the original Chuck Berry song “Brown-eyed Handsome Man.” During the interval of the song, Waylon Jennings started playing the guitar like the country rock star that he is. On the 1:30 mark of the video, he started to strum the guitar and play with the song. Jennings was strumming the guitar like no other, but I guess this is expected for someone who learned to play the guitar at the age of 8.

Check out the performance here:

What do People Think of the Performance?

It is safe to say that country fans love to reminisce these old clips of country legends. I think it is all about the nostalgia right now. We always love to look back at the performances of people that we consider to be legends.

waylon jennings, guitar
via Screengrab from YouTube

Back then, these two are just country outlaws who looked like they were having fun onstage. It is a simple rocking performance especially by Jennings who was showing off his guitar skills. To this day, people are still quite surprised that he had that hidden talent.  As for the real fans, they always knew that Waylon Jennings is one of a kind.

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