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Seven Craig Campbell Facts You Need To Know Before His Rise To Fame

There were a lot of country music stars who endured several obstacles before reaching the heights that they’re at right now.

Craig Campbell, born on February 10, 1979, is among the country musicians who aspire to become one of the big names in the industry. He continues to write songs to capture the fans and audience.

Before indulging in his chart and album successes, let’s get to dive into the facts about Craig Campbell.

1. Craig was born in a little town in Georgia.

Craig Campbell was born in a town in Lyons, Georgia. He was one of the five children of a blended family. When he was seven years old, his mother married his stepfather. Craig visited his biological father every weekend until his father died when he was 11.

2. He grew up having his big sister as the family’s primary caretaker. 

Following his father’s death, Craig’s 11-year-old sister was left to take care of him and his siblings while their mother went to look and work multiple jobs to sustain the family.

3. He was exposed to gospel music first, before country music.

Because Craig was musically inclined since he was young, the house was full of music because he used to play the piano at his mother’s church from when he was ten until 18. He first heard the sounds of gospel music before seeing and listening to Travis Tritt, who was one of the reasons why he immediately fell in love with country music. Craig’s style was similar to Tritt’s gospel-like delivery in his songs.

4. He created a band during his teenage years.

When he was 15, he and his friends formed a band and played under Out of the Blue. They began playing in bars to learn how to play instruments and, importantly, to captivate the audience.

5. He moved to Nashville and pursued his career.

Craig moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in 2002 in hopes of pursuing his musical career. He took several musician jobs and began writing his songs and demos. 

6. His journey was supported by a fellow country music artist.

Luke Bryan, a famous country music singer also born in Georgia, was the one who pushed Craig into writing songs and demos. He helped Craig master songwriting and got spots to perform at several gigs.

7. His wife is also a singer.

Through his performance at gigs, Craig eventually met his wife, Mindy Ellis, who was also a singer. 

When they got married, Craig began to play the piano in his wife’s band, leading to a string of opportunities for him as a blossoming country music artist. Playing in his wife’s band led to a touring stint with Tracy Byrd. Craig signed with the Bigger Picture Music Group when Keith Stegall saw him perform on The Stage in 2008.

And that’s the list of facts about Craig Campbell! Follow Craig on his official website and social media accounts to keep track of the latest news from him. 


Craig Campbell

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