September 5

Jelly Roll And Bunnie XO Said “I Do” Again After 7 Years Of Marriage

After seven years of marriage, Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO returned to the Las Vegas chapel – at A Stained Glass Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas – where they married in 2016 to renew their vows.

Lucky for us, the couple documented and shared the intimate ceremony in separate TikTok posts – captioned with sweet messages showcasing their love for one another. For instance, the “Son of a Sinner” singer posted a video set to Bruno Mars’s “Marry You,” giving fans a glimpse of the moment Bunnie Xo walked down the aisle donning a wedding dress for the first time.

According to the singer, it has been his one big regret to have never seen his bride in a wedding dress when they tied the knot seven years ago.

Meanwhile, the Dumb Blonde podcast host shared a video of them holding hands as they exchanged vows once again under the gorgeously decorated arch, filled with lush greenery and twinkling tiny lights. Jelly Roll can even be seen tenderly wiping his tears away as he looks into his bride’s eyes.

The way their smiles beamed and their eyes overcome with joy, you can tell these two are head over heels in love even after seven years of marriage.  

A Much Closer Look Into Jelly Roll And Bunnie XO’s Intimate Ceremony

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On Instagram, Bunnie XO posted a long yet sweet post – from their love story that began with a serendipitous encounter in 2015 to the first night they said “I do” in Las Vegas’ tiniest chapel, the place where they will be walking once again to renew their love for each other.

In the post, Bunnie XO admitted that they married with neither one of them knowing what forever meant, but they “walked thru the fire together, hand in hand w/ a smile” and fought to become the people they are – especially in creating a home to raise their daughter Bailee Ann.

Bunnie XO also revealed that the same officiant who married them seven years ago officiated their vow renewal ceremony. 

She then ended the post with tender words expressing her love for her husband, Jelly Roll. “You are my missing puzzle piece. My safe space. The man that makes me dance in my feminine energy,” she wrote.

Bunnie XO also shared some more photos from the memorable occasion, including a glimpse of her preparing in a bridal suit before the ceremony kicked off. There’s also a photo of Bunnie, Jelly Roll, and their daughter.

In July, Bunnie XO revealed that she and her husband, Jelly Roll, were planning to renew their wedding vows and that she would finally get to wear a wedding dress. Meanwhile, Jelly Roll revealed on an episode of The Bobby Bones Show that they decided to hold the ceremony – and it’s because the couple doesn’t know their exact wedding date.

The singer shared that he and Bunnie XO got married at around one in the morning. So, they ultimately don’t know which day they got married. The officiant just let them pick their wedding anniversary. 

“We’re going to go straight back to the little chapel we got married at and do it again. And this way, we’re going to have a real date,” Jelly Roll said during his appearance at The Bobby Bones Show.

What a way to celebrate a seventh wedding anniversary, isn’t it? We are wishing Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO a long and happy marriage.


Bunnie XO, Jelly Roll

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