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Jelly Roll And His Wife Bunnie Xo’s Love Story: From First Sight To Forever

The love story between Jelly Roll, whose real name is Jason DeFord, and his wife, Bunnie DeFord, who goes by Bunnie Xo, is different from your average love story. The couple got hitched on August 31, 2016 – but their relationship actually emanates much further back than that.

It Was Love At First Sight 

In 2015, Jelly Roll spotted Bunnie Xo for the first time on one street in Fremont, Las Vegas, while playing in front of an audience. She was there, standing by a bar called LCVS (Las Vegas Country Saloon), and she never failed to catch his attention.

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While Bunnie Xo didn’t know who Jelly Roll was, it didn’t matter as the two quickly hit it off and went through what most people call love at first sight. “Two chaotic off the rail feral souls that collided in a smoky bar – downtown Vegas in 2015,” Bunnie Xo recalled how they met.

Things then happened fast for the two, and their shared connection deepened, running far beyond the surface.

“I felt her soul,” the country rapper said. “When I hugged her, I could just feel the genuineness of her.”

They Married On The Same City They Met

It’s inspiring how Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO found love in each other’s arms. Jelly Roll once noted that they both came out of their toxic relationships and were struggling to find their way in life at the start of their relationship. So, when they visited the city they first met, they made sure to commit to a lifetime forever.

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While Jelly Roll confessed that they were both drunk when they headed to the courthouse, and it was as if the “absolute wildest decision” he ever made, it eventually ended up being the “best decision I’ve made my entire life.” 

She Helped Him Raise His Children

Jelly Roll’s spouse is also a supportive stepmother to his daughter, Bailee Ann, and son, Noah Buddy.

Before Jelly Roll crossed paths with Bunnie Xo, he was a struggling musician finding his way out of the judicial system. He grew up in a mobile home community and was raised by a mother battling mental health problems and addiction. This led Jelly Roll to a life in prison every now and then for nearly a decade.

But things changed when his first child was born in 2008. 

He thanked Bunnie Xo quite a few times for raising his children like her own, describing her as a real selfless person for helping raise a child she didn’t give birth to.

Together Against All Odds

While to many, they are one odd pairing – a husband and wife sharing a six-year age gap who have been at the receiving end of comical gazes and misconceptions – the public’s opinions don’t matter to the happy couple.

Jelly Roll even expressed how he finds it funny when people often label her wife a gold digger. Even though Bunnie Xo hates it and it flames her up, he finds it amusing as the truth is, he was a homeless man living out of the ’96 conversion when he first met her.

The country-rock breakout star noted that Bunnie Xo turned him into the man he is today, as they bring out the best in each other and push one another to the next level. 

Jelly Roll is currently riding high with his breakthrough track, “Son of a Sinner,” which conveys his complex struggles with addiction. It immediately resonated with fans and climbed all the way to the top of Billboard’s Country Airplay chart. This marks the Nashville native’s first release to country radio – and now, he has his sights set on his next single. 

Meanwhile, Bunnie Xo is keeping herself busy being the host of the widely popular podcast, The Dumb Blonde Podcast. She has amassed a great number of followers, with nearly 900,000 followers on Instagram as of writing.

Still, Jelly Roll admitted that family is what’s keeping him humbled and rooting to the core of who he is. “Anyone who knows me knows I never pass up an opportunity to spend time with Family. God is Good,” the rapper wrote.

Jelly Roll’s Wife Bunnie Xo’s Pictures

1. Bunnie Xo showed her full support to Jelly Roll during one of his shows.

2. Indeed, she’s Jelly Roll’s biggest supporter and fan.

3. Isn’t she oozing even when just cleaning the house?

4. Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo bring Halloween costumes to another level.

5. Indeed, they are two people head over heels in love.

6. Love is truly evident in their eyes in this glamorous shoot.

7. “You make my heart want to explode into a million stars w/ pride,” Bunnie Xo wrote.

8. Looks like the couple has a different way of preparing for Christmas.

9. Bunnie Xo joined Jelly Roll during the CMA Awards.

10. The couple posed with their daughter, Bailee Ann. 


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