June 4, 2020

Country Stars Who Stood for the Call for Unity After George Floyd’s Death

George Floyd, the 46-year-old father who was killed in the custody of the Minneapolis police stood as a reminder not just for the nation of America but for the whole world of what true equality is all about.

George Floyd’s death incited the nation that has long been tired and frustrated by the unjust killings and mistreatment of many black people over the past years. Movements sprang up that took to the streets their anger and outcry. Even the increasing concern that experts have raised with the Covid-19 pandemic was not enough reason to hold back people from taking the streets of major cities.

Other big personalities in the film, music, and sports industry released what they felt about the issue through social networking sites. Singers and artists from the Country Music industry also actively participated in voicing out their thoughts.

Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins

Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren Akins who are parents to a black daughter spoke out on Instagram against the inequality and racism following the death of George Floyd.

Rhett adopted his eldest daughter Willa Gray from Uganda in 2017. They also have two biological daughters, Ada James, and Lennon Love.

Being a father of 3 daughters that have distinct skin colors raises concern for Rhett. Rhett described what he felt after watching what happened to George Floyd to be full of anger and fear.

“I get scared when I think about what kind of world will my daughters grow in.”

Over the years, Rhett has witnessed how one’s color could affect other people’s perception and treatment of him. Rhett has seen how some of his crew members have felt unsafe because of their color. The country singer called such acts as “unacceptable” and was a product of hate.

Rhett ended with the thought that regardless of your complexion, we were all created by one God. A deeper understanding and awareness of the mistreatment of others is each being part of the solution to end this culture of hate.

Lauren Akins, Rhett’s wife, also posted on Instagram. She admitted that she felt nervous about it but she left a strong statement. Akins said that people might see her daughter as different because of her color but as a mother, she would fight for her and would celebrate her because she belongs to God.

Kip Moore

Kip Moore expressed his apology to the black community on how their cries about oppression have fallen into deaf ears. He also expressed how special the black community is in his heart.

“I’m thankful for you guys and know that most of you have your hearts in the right place.”


Tyler Hubbard

Florida Georgia Line‘s Tyler Hubbard followed Moore’s theme of apology and expressed it by saying, “We, especially the white community, have the opportunity and the obligation to create real change in history.”

Kane Brown

Kane Brown encouraged everyone to see each one as one body and not as two different entities. He added that the only way that we could be united is if we see everyone as human beings.

Dan + Shay

Dan + Shay expressed how their hearts were broken when they saw the events unfold on how George Floyd died. They added that racism because of one’s color is completely wrong. The duo acknowledges that we all have the responsibility to understand one another.

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw mentioned that the idea that we are all created equal is a strong thing that people must be taught of. McGraw added that hate is observed and taught.

Heartbreaking Death of George Floyd Must Not Go to Waste

The death of George Floyd should not just be a sobering reminder for everyone, but it is also a call for action that we look at each other as a part of a family.

Racial background or roots don’t matter. We act as one human race. This time, we’ll make sure that our voices speaking against injustices will be heard not just today but by the generations to come.

As Reba McEntire said, “What if everybody reached out with one hand? What if everybody sang out with one voice? Maybe we could change things.”


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