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Who is Hannah Dasher? Get To Know The Foodie Country Music Artist

Who is Hannah Dasher? You probably know her as the creator behind the very popular TikTok food content series ‘Stand By Your Pan,’ which has already amassed her over 17.2 million likes and a following of 1.4 million. But aside from being a foodie, she is also a very talented country singer with a spunky, southern personality and glowing charisma. And better yet, she never goes unnoticeable with her voluminous brunette locks that are just as big as her dreams. 

And whether she’s up whipping up yet another recipe or penning her next song, she has no plans of slowing down. 

Before the Fame: Who is Hannah Dasher?

Hannah Dasher grew up as a child of the ‘90s country music in Savannah, Georgia. One of her earliest inspirations to pursue a country music career was Alan Jackson, and in an interview with Country Swag, she even called herself the youngest member of the country musician’s fan club. 

As a kid, she always hated reading storybooks, but she loved reading album covers from front to back, noting the producers, songwriters, and most importantly, the lyrics. And that was how she got hooked to Jackson. Since both of them were from Georgia, the lyrics sounded so conversational to her, and she thought he was a badass. But way before she could actually read, she already saw Alan Jackson perform live. She was just 3, and while she couldn’t really remember everything, she knew that he wore a pink shirt and well-worn jeans and that he sipped from a yellow Dixie cup onstage. 

At 14, that love for music turned into something even more tangible as she received her first-ever Fender guitar from her father. Then she was exposed to rock ‘n roll music, where she also recognized that women can also sing and perform on stage. But what really pushed her to write songs was when her parents divorced when she was just a freshman at the University of Georgia. Just like the beginning of many artists, music became her comfort and escape. Though the songs weren’t really good, her friends always pushed her to sing for them. 

So after earning herself a journalism degree and music business certificate, she went on her way to Nashville.

The Early Days: A Struggling Musician

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After leaving Georgia, Dasher moved into a small attic apartment (with a mattress on the floor and lots of Bologna and PBJ sandwiches) on Belmont Boulevard just off Music Row in Nashville. Pursuing music wasn’t really easy, so she tried to make ends meet working five days a week at Bass Pro Shops (which is just a few steps away from the Grand Ole Opry and the reason that she had the fire to keep going to work every day) selling fishing boats and outboard motors. At the same time, she wrote songs. 

But soon after she got exposed that she wrote songs on her day job, she was fired. Thankfully, she immediately landed a publishing deal, and luckily her first cut as well with Brad Paisley’s “Get To Bed Early.” Though even with that, it was still a struggle. In an interview, she mentioned that she was trying to live in a city with only two grand a month, and she had to be really creative to ‘make ends meet and something out of nothing.’ 

There was even a point in time when she had to sell all her guitars, even the special Fender she got from her dad, just to be able to take care of her band members. And for years, she would play shows using borrowed guitars, but eventually, with enough scrubbed toilets, she was able to buy herself a Gibson. 

The Uprising Country Rock Star: Hannah Damn Dasher

With her traditional-cut artistry, bold and confident lyrics, and glorious charisma and personality, Dasher continued to grab attention at different writer’s nights and local showcases. And soon enough, she earned the nickname “Hannah Damn Dasher” from her fellow tunesmiths. But that was not the only thing she earned as she also attracted the attention of Nashville record producers that she eventually scored herself a deal. 

She released her debut country-rock single “The Tree” in 2019, which she followed with “Stoned Age.” But when the pandemic happened in 2020, Dasher decided to take a quick break for her personal growth. That was when she discovered TikTok and created her now popular food content series ‘Stand By Your Pan,’ which showcased not only her knack for great southern cooking but also her authentic, unfiltered self. It turned out to be a great success and won her over a million followers. And just this year, Hannah Dasher gifted her fans a five-track debut collection, The Half Record. 

Who is Hannah Dasher? Well, she is that girl you should be looking out for. After all, she was named 2021 CMT Next Women of Country Artist and on top of that, 2021 Fender Next Artist. She is definitely going to make resounding success in the genre. It’s only a matter of time. 


Hannah Dasher

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