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Listen to Connie Smith’s Hopeful Song “I Never Once Stopped Loving You”

Connie Smith is one of the most influential country artists in the ’60s. For a debut single, she really did well with her track “Once a Day” as it topped the Billboard country charts for 8 consecutive weeks. She continued her success with some of her songs like “Then and Only Then,” “Ain’t Had No Loving,” and “Ain’t Love a Good Thing.” Her song “I Never Once Stopped Loving You” is her take on a relationship and we could all learn from it.

Teaching us to Be Hopeful

There are a lot of bad experiences in our life that we sometimes want to forget. Some of them are really bad that it makes us pessimistic and they make us look at all things negatively. It changes our perspective in life and it affects our actions towards everything. On the contrary, this Connie Smith song sings about what being hopeful could do in our relationship.

 connie smith, i never once stopped loving you
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With all the loneliness she felt and all the days that she thought about the relationship, she never once stopped loving him. Even if the situation probably calls for her to quit, she was hopeful and prayed to God to give her the strength. With all her heartbreaks and pain, she was rewarded because it is what she deserves.

Lyrics Breakdown

And today when you came back my patience was rewarded
For I never once stopped loving you

Love endures, and if we have the patience for it, it can be worth all the effort and time in the end. This is what this Connie Smith track reminds us of as we listen to the song until the end. It gives us the assurance that if we are patient enough, we can be rewarded as the song suggests. Never stop loving and never stop believing in the power that it holds.

Love is a wonderful thing to feel and if we hang onto it for a while, it can be turned into hope. What the song successfully delivers is the message that having patience in a relationship will one day be rewarding for us.

Listen to Connie Smith’s song here:


Connie Smith

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