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Get to Know Hannah Dasher, An Uprising Country Rock Star


Have you heard of Hannah Dasher? If you have not yet, then you might be living on a rock or you are not updated about what’s going on in the world of country music. This upcoming country artist will surely get you hooked with country music all day long. She ain’t your ordinary country singer, her music goes back and forth with the current and traditional sound we know. Like her current single “The Tree,” you can enjoy the sound of the classic country rock that we were hyped about in the past.

Image result for hannah dasher the tree interview
Hannah Dasher, a tough chic and country singer. Photo via reverbnation.com

Her Latest Single “The Tree”

“The Tree” has made Dasher perform on the prestigious stage of the Grand Ole Opry. In addition, her song was featured in Billboard’s First Country, an article that features new country songs, albums, and music videos released. This is a big move on her career as a country singer and songwriter.

Up Close with Hannah Dasher

Since Dasher’s song is everywhere and is something you cannot refuse to listen to, we here at Country Thang Daily tried to catch up with her and her music. Here’s an exclusive interview we had with Hannah:

Country Thang Daily (CTD): What was your first reaction when you found out that you’ll be performing at the Grand Ole Opry?
Hannah Dasher (HD): Cried like a baby. 
CTD: Can you tell us what your inspiration is behind the single “The Tree?”
HD: Beathard came in, quoting something from the latest Kevin Hart movie…something about, “the apple not falling far from the tree…” I can’t recall, but I thought “The Tree” was a kickass title for a song…sounded like a symbol of Country music. We got off on a tangent about the last decade of songs; how so much of it is just trendy, instead of timeless. We wanted to write an ode to Country music, while saying, it’s OK to keep it fresh. 
CTD: In your latest single “The Tree” you sang about traditional country music, what do you think of the current country songs today?
HD: As a whole, I think Country radio 2019 has something for everybody. I think we are seeing the end of an era of many songs that won’t be remembered 20 years from now, and the beginning of a fresh, Country comeback. 
CTD: Do you think that traditional country music is dying?
 HD: I do not. It’s still out there.  
CTD: “The Tree” is such a stunning song, are you planning on writing more songs for yourself? And are we expecting an album soon?
HD: Of course! I write every week–always chasing down the next best “Hannah song.” We’ve probably got TWO albums written by now… Lord and label- willing…we’ll have something out to ya soon. 
CTD: What would you like people to take from your latest single?
HD: That I’m ballsy enough to speak the truth.
CTD: How can we keep traditional music alive?
HD: We have to share it with our kids. They’ve gotta know where it came from in order to take it somewhere. If you (really) know where it comes from, it can’t help but show up in your music. 
There you have it, folks, something to know about Dasher and her music. Let’s keep updated on what’s in store next with this tough country artist. You can visit her website to check on her upcoming shows.

For now, here is “The Tree.”

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