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Brennan Lassiter’s “You Are My Sunshine” a Four-Chair Turner on The Voice

Brennan Lassiter captured the attention of the four judges when she sang “You Are My Sunshine.” We all know how this singing competition works. You must have a powerful opening line so that the judges will turn their chairs, and Brennan did just that.

With a background on country and gospel songs, Brennan performed this country classic the way it should be performed. Her opening line did catch the ears of country singer Blake Shelton and this marks the start of her career.

brennan lassiter, the voice
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All Judges Pushed Their Button

When Blake Shelton pushed his button at the beginning of her performance, he was immediately followed by his fellow judges. Kelly Clarkson was the second judge to turn and then Gwen Stefani also turned. The last one to push his button was John Legend and all of them turned during the first part of the performance. This just proves how captivating Brennan Lassiter’s performance is.

The song “You Are My Sunshine” is a sweet country ballad and is loved by all fans. This helped Brennan’s performance stand out because her song choice was good and her voice fits perfectly with the song. Everybody was expecting her to choose Blake as they are both country artists but she chose Kelly Clarkson.

brennan lassiter. the voice
via YouTube

Who is Brennan Lassiter?

The southern belle singer grew up listening to songs at the church. This made her appreciate country songs too as we all know that both genres are linked to one another. Her personality also reflects the way that she dressed during the audition as we can see her clad in boots and a nice dress.

She was raised by her grandparents, and the country singer dedicated her performance to them. This just shows how much of a family person she is and this is what country music is all about.

Watch Brennan Lassiter’s Performance here:


brennan lassiter

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