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Loretta Lynn’s Children: Meet All of the Country Legend’s Talented Kids


Loretta Lynn’s children never wasted the musical genes they’ve inherited from their legendary mother. With their talent, they paved their own way in the music industry. Singing has definitely become a family business in Lynn’s household.

Let’s get to know them!

Betty Sue Lynn

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Loretta Lynn became a first-time mom when she welcomed her daughter, Betty Sue Lynn, into the world on November 26, 1948. Unfortunately, the eldest of Loretta Lynn’s children has passed away after a long battle with emphysema. She was 64 then.

Betty Sue often helped her mother with her business, like answering fan mail for her. In the ’60s, Betty Sue wrote some hits for her mom, Loretta. These songs include The Home You’re Tearin’ Down, Wine, Women, and Song, and Before I’m Over You.

Jack Benny Lynn

Jack Benny Lynn - Loretta Lynn's Kids

Jack Benny Lynn, born on December 7, 1949, has also tragically died at age 34 from drowning.

One evening in July 1984, Jack tried to ford the Duck River at the family’s Tennessee ranch, but he never made it. Jack’s horse, Black Jack, was found standing beneath a river bluff, and Jack’s body was found nearby in the water.

Ernest Ray “Ernie” Lynn

The country legend’s son, Ernest Ray Lynn, was born in April 1954 as her third child and second son. He also inherited a musical gift from his mom. There are several clips of him performing alongside with Loretta.

Their most notable performance was when Ernest joined Loretta on stage for an emotionally driven number. They sang one of the most beautiful and touching songs ever written “Message From Jesus.”

It has been a widely-referenced performance due to its raw talent and amiable display of love between a mother and a son. They never failed to genuinely move fans every time they sing this song together, especially that it resonated with those who show appreciation for their faith. 

Clara Marie “Cissie” Lynn

Born on April 7, 1952, Cissie Lynn has followed the musical footsteps of her legendary mother. She married singer-songwriter, John Beams. The two have been busy performing on the road over the years.

“My husband and I traveled with our own bus and band till my Daddy got sick,” Cissie said “Then I wanted to go home and stay with him. We opened for several superstars over the years, such as Conway, George Jones, and Mel McDaniel.”

In 2010, Loretta produced two albums of Cissie, one was a cover version of classic Loretta songs performed by Cissie, and the other one is a collection of original songs from John Beams.

Patsy Lynn and Peggy Lynn

The youngest daughters of the legendary singer, Peggy and Patsy Lynn, were twins. They were born on August 6, 1964. Peggy was named after Loretta’s sister, Peggy Sue Wright, while Patsy was named after Loretta’s close friend and mentor, Patsy Cline. 

Peggy and Patsy grew up in the wings of theatres across the country, watching their mother sing. So it’s no longer a surprise when the twins developed an in-depth knowledge and love for music.

And since singing has become a sort of like a family business to the Lynn’s, Peggy and Patsy started their own musical group, The Lynns, in 1996. The twins took to Nashville to pave their own way. They opted for hard work instead of name recognition to earn a place in the music industry.

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“When Peggy and I started singing together, we got a job as the house band at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, back before Broadway was what you know it as today. We played there every Thursday night,” Patsy said. “No one knew we were the Lynn daughters.”

They recorded one album which charted two singles on Hot Country Songs. The Lynns have also received CMA Award nominations for Vocal Duo of the Year in 1998 and 1999.

Though the twins admit that they are very different when it comes to music. While Peggy loves to perform, create, and write stories, those things weren’t Patsy’s cup of tea. “My love is the studio. I loved being in the studio, and I loved negotiating our publishing deals,” Patsy revealed. “I found my love in the studio, and that’s what led to my producing.”

Ultimately their different interests would lead the twin sisters in a different direction. As Peggy continued to write, Patsy went on to produce more than 103 songs for her mother. Loretta Lynn’s forty-fifth album,” Wouldn’t It Be Great,” released in 2018, was co-produced by Patsy Lynn and Johnny Cash’s son John Carter Cash

Loretta Lynn has been known for giving birth to her first child when she was only 14 and had three more children before she was 21, but she definitely did an excellent job being a mom. Loretta Lynn’s children grew up to be as incredible as she is.


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