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John Carter Cash Remembers His Father As Forgiving, Loving and A Kind Man

John Carter Cash talked about his legendary father, Johnny Cash, and revealed such a heartwarming story.

According to John Carter Cash, the music icon was once asked by Larry King – live on television – what he would like to be remembered, to which Cash answered: “as a good father.” And John Carter Cash confirmed he was successful on that matter.

He described his legendary father as someone “full of laughter, full of joy and full of spirit.” Not only did he provide great love, but as well as a great sense of humor. John Carter Cash added that his father was a very kind man who was forgiving, loving, and always gentle.

John Carter Cash went on recounting the opportunity he had working with his father in the last part of his life wherein he learned the trade – from telling when to keep his mouth shut to understanding what not to do as a music producer. He considered working with his father as a real blessing.

John Carter Cash helped produce his father’s American III: Solitary Man and American IV: The Man Comes Around, as well as the posthumously released records, American V: A Hundred Highways and American VI: Ain’t No Grave. 

Most of these albums were recorded at the Cash Cabin Studio in Hendersonville, which John Carter Cash still maintains and operates. After all, it is filled with memories from working with his father, who absolutely knows how to run the show.

“You didn’t produce Johnny Cash, any producer that ever worked with him will tell you. You let him formulate and do his art and offer his spirit into the recording,” he said.

John Carter Cash is one of Johnny Cash’s children who has since followed his musical footstep. And just like his father, who is known for promoting artists, John Carter Cash has been producing albums for artists like Sheryl Crow and Willie Nelson through the years.


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