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Listen to Barbara Mandrell and Waylon Jennings’ Heartbreaking Song

Love is a wonderful feeling, especially when you fall in love with the right person. However, there are some who fall in love with a person they don’t deserve. Maybe, we fall in love with people who hurt us because sometimes we think we can change them or that we deserve the love they gave us. This is what Barbara Mandrell and Waylon Jennings’ song is all about — falling in love with the wrong person.

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“Angels Love Bad Men” by Barbara Mandrell

“Angels Love Bad Men” is a song written by Jennings and Roger Murrah in 1987. It was one of the songs in Mandrell’s studio album Sure Feels Good. The song was released as a single in 1988, and it reached number forty-nine. Furthermore, Mandrell’s song entered the Canadian chart and placed at number forty.

Barbara Mandrell and Waylon Jennings Collaboration

This was their only recording together, but Mandrell covered a song of Jennings in her album (“Just to Satisfy You”). It would be incredible if the two recorded more songs together. Their collaboration was amazing, and their voices perfectly go hand in hand.

The Album

Barbara Mandrell’s studio album, Sure Feels Good, reached number forty-eight on the Top Country Albums chart. Aside from her single “Angels Love Bad Men,” two other songs from her album entered the US Billboard and Canadian charts (“Sure Feels Good” and “Child Support”).  

The Song’s Content

“Angels Love Bad Men” is seen from the perspective of a woman who fell in love with a man who finally gets tired of their love. The saddest part of the song was when the narrator says that she was left alone every night, and she doesn’t understand why she has to love a man who cannot commit to her anymore.

She spends another night alone

Wonders what went wrong and wonders why

Angels love bad men

Check out this beautiful collaboration of Barbara Mandrell and Waylon Jennings.


barbara mandrell, Waylon Jennings

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