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Chris Janson’s “Holdin Her” on Building A Love To Lasts

Chris Janson's "Holdin' Her"

Janson has been remarkably expressive about the love and encouragement he received from his family. Chris Janson’s “Holdin Her” is probably the most real, most straightforward way a singer can express themselves. It’s a real-life story track, from start to finish. It was released in May 2016 as the third single from his album Buy Me a Boat

The warm country-love song was composed by Janson and James Otto as a tribute to Chris Janson’s wife. It narrates how the singer saw his wife, fell in love, tied the knot, and attained the sense of home we all seek during our teenage years. Definitely a song everyone will relate to. 

With pleasing vocals, mellow acoustic arrangement, Janson sings of the feeling he has for his wife and children with love and certainty. His powerful and gentle vocals start in his lower register, then with the ascending chorus, so also his voice – and the song becomes more intense. 

Out of Chris Janson’s songs, ‘Holdin’ Her’ is the song that the singer always wished to hear on the radio. It’s the tale of the things that he treasures most: his life’s journey and his family. “If someone wants a good glimpse of my life, listen to the song,’ says Janson. 

The video adheres to the real-life story, exclusively featuring Chris Janson and his family. It’s splendidly filmed, and when he chronicles the birth of his first daughter and the baby’s pictures appear on the screen, you can’t help but be a bit emotional. 

The song premiered on the Country Airplay chart at No. 58 in May 2016 and peaked at #20 on the same chart dated March 2017. The song also reached the 25th sport on the Hot Country Songs chart (March 2017). 

Watch the music video of Chris Janson’s “Holdin Her” below.