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Chris Janson

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The Country Fest 2024

The Country Fest 2024: What You Need to Know

On June 12-15, The Country Fest 2024 will host blockbuster performances at Clay’s Resort Jelly Stone Park in North Lawrence, Ohio.

18 Country songs about money

18 Country Songs About Money and Wealth That Will Keep You Motivated and Inspired 

Here are some of the most popular country songs about money to inspire you to overcome whatever financial hardships you face or simply jam out.

25 country songs about summer

25 Country Songs About Summer That Will Keep Your Days Even Warmer

What's a better way to enjoy the warm season than to turn up the volume and take a breather with all the amazing country songs about summer?

Chris Janson's "Bye Mom"

Chris Janson’s “Bye Mom:” A Heartfelt Tribute To Mothers Everywhere

When Chris Janson’s “Bye Mom” was released, it resonated with fans around the world in ways that had never happened before. Listen to it here.

Country Songs About Fishing That Can Get Anglers Ready For A Day On The Water

We’ve compiled a playlist of country songs about fishing that’s perfect for country men and women who love to drop a line from time to time.

Chris Janson and wife Kelly Lynn Love Story

Chris Janson and wife Kelly Lynn: It Was Love At First Sight

Chris Janson and wife Kelly Lynn are still very much in love as they were on day one, with four adorable kids. So how exactly did everything begin?

Chris Janson's "Buy Me A Boat"

Chris Janson’s “Buy Me A Boat”: A Hit That’s Made Overnight

Chris Janson's "Buy Me A Boat" expresses the fact that though money can’t buy you happiness, it can buy a boat – which is pretty much the same thing.

Chris Janson's "Holdin' Her"

Chris Janson’s “Holdin Her” on Building A Love To Lasts

Chris Janson's "Holdin Her" is perhaps the most honest way a singer can express himself. It’s even a real-life story track, from start to finish.

Chris Janson's "Good Vibes"

Smile is Your Free Weapon on Chris Janson’s “Good Vibes”

Chris Janson’s “Good Vibes” is hitting it off with people in every place since the track was composed and channeled to make everyone smile

Chris Janson's "Fix A Drink"

Throw Your Worries & Enjoy a Drink with Chris Janson’s “Fix A Drink”

Chris Janson's "Fix A Drink" is a great reminder to forget your problems or anything that is happening for a moment and just have fun.

Chris Janson Songs

Chris Janson Songs Are Making The Waves in Country Music

It’s absolutely amazing how Chris Janson songs link the gap between the country’s past and future. So, we’ve made a playlist of his best hits.

Chris Janson’s Thrilled that His Single ‘Done’ Still Rules the Charts in Its 2nd Week

“Done” gave Janson a first multi-week number 1 single. For two consecutive weeks, “Done” has topped the Billboard Country Airplay Charts and has also made its way to the top of the Mediabase Country Aircheck Chart.

‘Done’ Hits Top Due to Love at First Sight

Chris Janson's hit song ‘Done’ snagged the top spot in Billboard’s Airplay Chart.

Keith Urban and Chris Janson Heat up the Opry Stage with Their Amazing Performance

Keith Urban rarely performs at the Grand Ole Opry because of his busy schedule. However, on the rare occasion that he performed at the prestigious stage, he made sure to give his all.

Keith Urban and Chris Janson’s Heats up the Opry Stage with their Amazing Performance

Keith Urban rarely performs at the Grand Ole Opry because of his busy schedule on his tours. On the rare occasion that he performs at the prestigious stage, he makes sure he will give it his all.