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Chris Janson and wife Kelly Lynn: It Was Love At First Sight

The “Buy Me a Boat” singer Chris Janson and wife Kelly Lynn had been together for a decade now, and they’re still very much in love as they were on day one. Janson already called it the first time he laid his eyes on her that she would be his wife, and he did. Now, the couple is happily living their life with their four awesome and adorable kids. 

So how exactly did everything happen? Let’s take a look back at the moment they first met, fell in love, and decided that they wanted to be together forever. 

First Chapter: Love at First Sight

Some say that fairytale endings don’t happen and that love, at first sight, can be a bit overrated. But these things really happen in real life, and Kelly Lynn and Chris Janson proved that a decade ago, and they’re proving it until now. 

Chris Janson is one of the most successful country musicians of his time. The award-winning singer-songwriter self-released his debut single “Buy Me a Boat” in early 2015, which became his breakout single that launched his name to the top of the country music industry. Ever since that, he enjoyed chart success and nominations and even brought home multiple trophies and awards. Then in 2018, he was also inducted into the Grand Ole Opry by fellow country musician Garth Brooks after being invited by Keith Urban. 

And behind this success is Chris Janson’s spouse Kelly Lynn. 

Janson first crossed paths with Lynn while he was working to build his music career. Back then, he played shows in Nashville and the Southeast and also attended Belmont University in Nashville. He first spotted Kelly from the Melrose Pool Hall as she was walking down, and the second he met her, he knew it right there and then that she would be his wife. And since they worked in the same industry, they regularly passed by each other.

Not long after that, Janson discovered that Lynn worked at a record label in town. He then quickly booked a meeting with her and pitched some of his songs. Shortly after the meeting, he invited her for a songwriting session over at his cabin. And right there on his porch swing, the two fell in love. And it was like a romantic fairytale that came to life. 

Three years later on July 4, 2010, the couple exchanged their self-penned vows at an intimate outdoor ceremony in Panorama Farms in Franklin, Tennessee, with the beautiful sunset as their backdrop. Janson also sang a song he wrote for her titled “Always Gonna.”

Who is Chris Janson’s wife, Kelly Lynn?

Kelly Lynn was born on September 28, 1989 in Corram, New York. There were hardly-known details about his family and her education except that, like Chris Janson, she was also into music. When she was 12, she recorded and released her very first song, “I Believe,” and later on in her career, she sang with a lot of famous musicians like Louis Ryan, Paul Weston, Nigel Jenkins, Ron Dante, and Ted Perlman. 

Before she met Chris Janson, she worked as an A&R consultant in Nashville, hosted TV shows, and even tried furniture making. She was also married then to her first husband, whose surname is Roland. They had two children, Graham and Chel, before they divorced due to personal differences. She then took custody of both of their children. 

Then in 2008, she finally got her break as the voice of Veronica Lodge on The Archies Christmas album featuring Betty and Veronica. But before that, she also lent her voice for the 101 Dalmatians under Walt Disney Records. 

She currently works as Janson’s full-time manager, and she is always touring with him. In an interview with People, Lynn said that she turned down a lot of job offers and also refused to manage anyone else. She wanted to fully devote herself to ensuring Janson’s future in the music career. In fact, she was the one who pushed him to release his breakthrough single and now triple-Platinum hit, “Buy Me a Boat,” even without a label’s backing! 

According to sources, she still works as a songwriter and a publisher working in partnership with Warner-Chappell, an LA-based music publishing company. 

Second Chapter: Marriage and Building Their Family

One of Chris Janson songs, the third single off his debut album “Buy Me a Boat” entitled “Holdin’ Her,” told the story of the things he loves most: his wife and their kids. It was a narration of their love story – seeing her for the first time and knowing he was gonna marry her. And it was also about sharing glimpses of their family. 

According to Janson, he didn’t know what life was about until he got married and he walked into a house that already felt like home. The couple already had two children from Lynn’s previous marriage, who Janson lovingly called his bonus kids. Then shortly after, they welcomed two babies together – a son named Jesse Bo and a daughter named Georgia. 

Chris Janson and wife Kelly Lynn are definitely living a good life with all of their kids. And Janson really loved being a dad. For him, he is the luckiest man alive.


Chris Janson, Kelly Lynn

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