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Randy Travis Celebrates How His Wife’s Love Has Saved Him In A Song Titled “Lead Me Home”

In 2019, Randy Travis dusted off some never-before-heard tunes from the archives and unearthed some forgotten recordings, which includes “Lead Me Home.”

Randy Travis recorded this gospel-inflected bluegrass single years before he suffered a massive stroke in 2013 that almost killed him, robbed him of his mobility, and severely impaired his ability to speak or sing. However, the song’s meaning may be even more intense and compelling in the aftermath of that challenging episode of his life.

A Celebration For The Lasting Grace Of True Love

Randy Travis’ wife, Mary Davis, was the one who had been by his side – cheering him up tirelessly – while he was in the hospital, contemplating the significant likelihood on the road to recovery. When his chances seemed unfavorable, Mary urged the doctors that Travis was willing to continue fighting.

Mary Davis then guided the Country Music Hall of Famer in relearning his basic motor skills. She has always been there for him to speak on his behalf. 

Thinking back on the difficult trials the couple went through, the verses to “Lead Me Home” seem to foretell. “You know I need you‚ woman. Take my hand and lead me home,” Travis sings the jaunty song that perfectly suits his traditional baritone.

“Lead Me Home” was written by songwriters Shawn Camp and Joe Henry. It was first released as an iTunes exclusive as part of the 2008 album Around The Bend. More than a decade later, the song has been made available to everyone. This was on the heels of the release of his 2019 memoir, Forever and Ever Amen: A Memoir of Music, Faith and Braving the Storms of Life, which deeply details Travis’ utmost heights of fame and success in country music, his miraculous return from the brink of death, and most especially, his relationship with Mary.

Make sure to listen to “Lead Me Home” in the video below. It’s absolutely refreshing that we get to hear more of Randy Travis songs despite the near-fatal death stroke he went through. 


Randy Travis

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