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10 Randy Travis Songs That Made Him A Music Legend That He Is Today


Country music legend Randy Travis songs have been an inspiration to all after he suffered a devastating stroke in 2013 that impaired his vocal abilities and limited his mobility. 

In light of Travis’ inspiring battle and perseverance, we made a list of our favorite songs released by this legendary singer in a career spanning over four decades. Check it out below!

10. “Look Heart, No Hands”

From: Greatest Hits, Volume Two (1992)

Randy Travis was at the peak of his success, releasing two albums on the same day. “Look Heart, No Hands” was the second single from the second of those releases. Of course, the singer scored a big hit with this mid-tempo track, which compared falling in love with riding a bicycle downhill without holding on to the handlebars.

9. “Deeper Than the Holler”

From: Old 8×10 (1988)

You might never find a country radio station that doesn’t include this hit in their rotation. The sweetness of the song’s message and chorus helped make it a No. 1 hit for Travis.

8. “Better Class of Losers”

From: High Lonesome (1991)

Randy Travis co-wrote “Better Class of Losers” with fellow country superstar Alan Jackson. The song tells the tale of a man who married a woman from the “high society.” Throughout their relationship, he has grown to dislike both her friends and the high-class lifestyle she leads, “where we pretend life’s rosy and sweet.” He vows to return to his roots by “going back to a better class of losers,” which suits him well.

7. “Spirit of a Boy, Wisdom of a Man”

From: You and You Alone (1998)

Randy Travis lent a breath of truth to the song, sounding like a man who had made a few such choices – good and bad – in his life.

6. “Three Wooden Crosses”

From: Rise and Shine (2002)

Randy Travis has released several hit songs throughout his career, but none have touched more people than “Three Wooden Crosses.” Its message of faith and redemption was so universal that it made its way to mainstream radio, giving Travis another No. 1 hit. 

Written by Doug Johnson and Kim Williams, the song tells the tale of a farmer, teacher, and preacher who were all killed in a bus crash. The song’s end revealed that the story was being told by a preacher – the prostitute’s son. In a twist, his mama grew up reading to him from the blood-stained Bible the pastor left behind, which led to his desire for ministry. 

This classic was also named “Song of the Year” at the 2003 CMAs and the 2004 Dove Awards.

5. “1982”

From: Storms of Life (1986)

This Randy Travis song started it all. “1982” was Travis’ first taste of commercial success, reaching No. 6 on the Hot Country Singles & Tracks and No. 5 in Canada.

4. “I Told You So”

From: Always & Forever (1987)

“I Told You So” was written by Randy Travis himself. He first released the single on his album, Live at the Nashville Palace in 1983, and quickly became a local hit. A few years later, Travis then re-recorded the song for his album, Always & Forever, and it hit the No. 1 spot on the Billboard country singles chart and remained there for two weeks.

Carrie Underwood released the emotional song as a duet with Travis in 2009, and it peaked No. 2 on the country charts.

3. “Diggin’ Up Bones”

From: Storms of Life (1986)

When Travis first sang “Diggin’ Up Bones,” it was like he talked to everyone who has gone through a tough breakup that needs a period of mourning. 

With lyrics that are so real and relatable, it was no longer a surprise when the song hit home for so many, climbing the charts to No. 1 in both the U.S. and Canada. Since then, several artists have covered the classic hit – but no one has done it quite like Travis.

2. “On the Other Hand”

From: Storms of Life (1986)

“On The Other Hand” was first recorded by Keith Whitley in 1985 for his album L.A. to Miami. Travis later recorded it as the lead-off single of his 1986 album Storms of Life, and it peaked at No. 67. He re-released it a few months later, and it became Travis’ first No. 1 hit in the U.S. and Canada.

Both Nashville stars wrote the song with a long pedigree of domestic country hits, Paul Overstreet and Don Schlitz. Overstreet and Schlitz were in the middle of a writing session, and nothing was going right until one of them said, “On the other hand.” The response was, “There’s a golden band,” and the rest is history.

1. “Forever and Ever, Amen”

From: Always & Forever (1987)

One of the most romantic country ballads was born in 1987 with the release of Randy Travis’ “Forever and Ever, Amen.” The song quickly rose to No.1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs, where it stayed for three weeks and went on to win a Grammy for Best Country & Western Song. It also claimed Song of the Year honors from the Country Music Association and the Academy of Country Music.

This is another song Paul Overstreet and Don Schlitz have written for Travis after the success of “On the Other Hand.” Schlitz revealed that the idea for the song’s title stemmed from his son, who, after saying his nightly prayers, would often tell his mother, “Mommy, I love you forever and ever, amen.”

Without a doubt, Randy Travis’ songs will forever hold a special place in our hearts. With his voice that as thick as honey and as genuine as a man at death’s door, these songs are here to stay. It’s not only his best pieces, but it’s the best ones in country music history.


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