June 11

“I Told You So:” Randy Travis’ Single Topped the Chart 31 Years Ago

Randy Travis“I Told You So” is one of the songs he is known for. It may not be his first song to reached number one, but it, in fact, left a lasting impression to many. It’s rightful to take the time to listen to it today for this was the day in country music history when “I Told You So” had reached number one. Travis’ single rise to the top of the chart in June 1988, just means it has already been thirty-one years. How amazing it is that despite a long time, it is still considered to be a great work of art.

randy travis i told you so
31 years ago “I Told You So” reached No. 1 on the chart/ Photo by Robert Trachtenberg/Courtesy of 117 Entertainment

“I Told You So”

Travis earned a total of twenty-three number one songs on the chart, and one of which is “I Told You So.” His song was one among the many singles he released from his top-performing album Always & Forever. However, before it was part of the latter, Travis first recorded the song for his album Live at the Nashville Palace. During those times, he performed under the name Randy Ray. When he began charting singles, he changed his name to Randy Travis and rerecorded the song for Always & Forever.

Travis’ distinctive baritone voice made him one of the best-known country singers. His vocals truly bring back the sound of the traditional country music we used to hear. Besides his unique style in singing, he also has a phenomenal talent in songwriting. His single “I Told You So” was penned entirely by him; with that, we can prove how amazing he is.

Carrie Underwood’s Version and Duet with Randy Travis

Carrie Underwood, another talented country singer, made her version of Travis’ song. What came out was a splendid rendition of “I Told You So.” Even the original performer thinks it was one of the best versions. Travis decided to record a duet with Underwood, which led them to win the Grammy Award for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals in 2010.

Here are Travis and  Underwood singing “I Told You So” on American Idol.

No matter how many years go by, a great piece of art will always be treasured and remembered. Travis may have lost his ability to sing, but he still left us with wonderful songs we can listen to at any time we want.


Carrie Underwood, i told you so, Randy Travis

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