March 21

Randy Travis Sings An Emotional Version of “Amazing Grace”

Randy Travis is one of country music’s greatest singers. He became an inspiration to many artists. Travis is known for his gospel song “Three Wooden Crosses.” He sings a gospel song like no other. But in 2013, he suffered from a massive stroke. This left him unable to walk, talk, and sing. Can you imagine how it feels like when what you love is taken away from you? It must be devastating.

amazing grace randy travis
Photo Credit: Randy Travis/ Official Facebook Page

Randy Travis Returns on Stage

However, Travis is not a quitter. Instead, he underwent physical therapy to gain mobility and his ability to speak. In 2014, he was able to walk, but for a short distance only. In 2016, Travis returned on stage where he performed his version of “Amazing Grace.” He was able to speak and sing again, although his voice is not like what we used to know.

Prayer Meeting

It was found out that Travis has permanent damage to his brain, which makes it difficult for him to regain his normal voice in singing. However, even if it’s difficult for him to sing, he managed to lead a prayer meeting by singing “Amazing Grace.”

In 2017, Travis was a guest at one of the episodes of the Country’s Family Reunion “Another Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting.” As Travis was singing, he was accompanied by the people around him. He might be struggling as he was singing, but it’s incredible that he managed to finish the song and delivers us a heartfelt version of it. We are proud of you, Randy!

Despite losing his ability to sing like he used to, he’s still a legend and an inspiration to many. His voice will always be remembered.

“Amazing Grace” Recording in 2000

He once recorded the song in 2000 for his studio album Inspirational Journey. His cover of the song was not released as a single but it’s one of the best you’ll ever hear. His album, however, scored a spot on the Country Albums chart.


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