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Psalms 37:4 and The Memorable “Hear My Song, Lord”

Psalms is a book of the Old Testament that is composed of sacred songs and poems. It had a profound effect on the development of Christian Worship. Luke believed the psalms to be a source of guidance.

Psalms, Hear My Song Lord, Anthony Burger

Psalms 37:4

Choosing to walk with God is a lifetime process. As we help ourselves in dealing with the challenges that life brings us, we should put in mind that God is working with us. We should replace worry and envy with a conscious delight in the Lord.

When we feel his presence, we begin to feel the joy in our lives. Our spirit yearns to behold and worship his glory. When the Lord sees that our delight is in him, He will satisfy our desires and give us more joy in Him.

Psalms, Hear My Song Lord, Anthony Burger

“Hear My Song, Lord”

This song is one of the soulful praise songs by the Gaither Vocal Band. Listening and singing along with it fills your body with delight in God. It evokes a strong sense of fulfillment and happiness in God.

Psalms 37:4 and The Memorable "Hear My Song, Lord" 1
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Anthony Burger

Anthony Burger was born in Cleveland, Tennessee. At age eight months he suffered third-degree burns on his hands, face, and legs after falling into a heating duct on the floor of their house. The doctor told his parents it was very likely that he won’t be able to move his hands in the future. Despite the odds, he recovered and played classical piano repertoire.

He released his first recording Anthony Burger At The Lowrey Organ when he was 14 years old. At the age of 16, he joined the Kingsmen Quarter.

He was voted the favorite pianist in the Singing News Fan Awards. It was renamed Anthony Burger Award after several years. He presented the awards to the winner each year.

Psalms, Hear My Song Lord, Anthony Burger

Burger joined Gaither Homecoming after leaving the Quartet. He was featured on more than 65 Homecoming videos.

Anthony Burger was in the middle playing this song ” Hear My Song, Lord” when he passed away because of a heart attack. Everyone was shocked by his sudden passing.

Although it is not a memory we want to cherish, we are reminded of a man who lived his life with God and died giving praise to the Lord. We are sad to lose a genius of God but we rejoice that he is now playing for Him in heaven.

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Anthony Burger

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